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Machine Gun Kelly – die in california | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“die in california” is the fourteenth track on Machine Gun Kelly’s 2022 album ‘mainstream sellout.’ MGK is assisted by Landon Barker, Gunna, and Young Thug for this track, exploring how they had to sacrifice their souls to get to where they are now.

Machine Gun Kelly released his sixth studio album ‘mainstream sellout’ on March 25, 2022. This is the follow-up album to his previous project ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ (2020), which saw the rapper shifting gears in pop-punk and punk-rock music. The album landed well within the fans and achieved new heights of success for MGK.

The song title, “die in california” is an ode to the state of California. The state is the home to Los Angeles, the city of hopes and dreams and glitz and glamour. It is also where a majority’s hopes and dreams die. The fast life, the limelight, the money, and the pursuit of it all, can easily drown someone. The lucky 1% do make it. MGK is pretty well-off in his career right now, also dates Megan Fox, a Hollywood-made celebrity. But he can easily feel like everything just drains his soul.

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Machine Gun Kelly “die in california” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the chorus of the song, MGK hold nothing back;

Killed the me I used to be
I might die in California

MGK feels as if the old him is dead in this city. California can give you a lot – many people do come to the city in pursuit of their wildest dreams. The state can give you your heart’s desires, but it will also take something away from you.

MGK says that he saw both his dreams and the devil in this city, and he still chose to walk into this life. He knows that he should probably walk away, now that he has built a stepping stone for his life. But the bright lights of the city of dreams are just too bright to walk away. One more gamble with the demon and come out on top?!

Ayy, someone cut the lights off please
I’ve been kinda sad lately

And MGK calls someone to shut off the lights. It’s beaming right into his eyes blinding him. He is surrounded by a sea of people, but he feels alone. He feels sad that he had to sign a deal with the devil to achieve this life. MGK reveals that every day in this state is an anxiety attack. You have to dress up, show up, fight to the death, to keep what you worked for. If he looks happy, that is a mask that he has to wear everywhere. You cannot show weakness in this city or you will be taken out.

I’m miserable even though I made it
Got a house in the Hills and I f*ckin’ hate it

Machine Gun Kelly is doing pretty well for himself in his career and his personal life, engaged to a Hollywood seductress, Megan Fox. He has a house in the Hollywood hills, but he knows there is something missing in his life. Is it freedom? Is it the people who are constantly at his neck? Maybe privacy?

In the second verse, Gunna explores a similar sentiment. He says despite him being covered in branded clothing, the most expensive cars, and jewelry, he knows how fast it can all go. And he is also aware of how he gives shelter to the devil each time he goes down this rabbit hole of fame. At this point, his only wish is that he is surrounded by his family when his time comes. He does not want to go away alone.

In the third and final verse by Young Thug, he explains the live-fast-die-slow lifestyle California brings you. Fast cars, drugs, and promiscuous women are what await you at the top of the ladder here. But it’s a hard fall down as well at the end of the run.

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