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Theo Tams – Tongue Tied | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

How many moments in your life have you been tongue-tied? A few? There are many people who have been forcefully tongue-tied most of their lives because something in them does not fit the social ‘norm.’ This is the idea behind the brand new song “Tongue Tied” by Theo Tams.

Canada’s own Theo Tams says his latest release “Tongue Tied” was inspired by his own personal experiences of coming out as homosexual to his family;

It was inspired by my engagement to my partner, and how when we announced it to our families, we weren’t really met with a ton of support and excitement.
Announcing our engagement was an eye opening moment for my partner and I as a couple, knowing that moving forward, we were kind of on our own.

Theo was brought up in a Church-devoted household. To no fault of religions, people have interpreted anything other than a union of a man and woman as a ‘sin.’ It is the people who interpret religion in ways that benefit them. Love is love no matter the color, shape, or form it is found. Theo further elaborates on this idea;

They have reduced the gay community’s entire existence to just sex, rather than the actual love, comraderie, friendship, art, and spirit that exists within so much of the community.

Albeit being “Tongue Tied,” Theo Tams wants this song to be a source of strength for anyone else who feels the same way he and his partner did.

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Theo Tams “Tongue Tied” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The lyrics to the song are laced with love in their purest sense. Theo talks about all the different ways his partner makes him fall in love with him again and again.

Hey you there in the ripped blue jeans
Walking 2021 like a new james dean

You there with that mega watt smile
Flashin around like you known for awhile
The way you move never go out of style

At the end of the day, Theo sings, that he knows his partner is ride-or-die with him. So, it matters little that someone else is not approving of their love. You cannot please the entire world anyway. So, might as well do what you want and be happy yourself than try to make others happy.

All our sins (no hypocrite)

Homosexuality has been labeled a ‘sin’ in some religions. Theo expressed his opinion about this line in the press release; “…line that stands out to me from this track. As a gay man who was raised strictly in the church, I felt it necessary to call out the hypocrisy from some Christians.”

If all religions preach love, it makes no sense why two people of the same gender cannot love each other?! Who dictates the parameters of love? It cannot be done, and certainly not a thousand-year-old manuscript.

Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Check out more work by Theo Tams on YouTube.

Let love live!

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