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Morgan Wallen – Thought You Should Know | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Morgan Wallen is back with another heartfelt song, talking to his family, specifically his mother. Throughout the trials and tribulations in his life so far, Morgan takes a moment to appreciate everything his mother has done for him and he thinks it’s about time that she knew.

“Thought You Should Know” was released on May 6, 2022, following his highly successful single “Don’t Think Jesus.” All of these songs will make up Wallen’s upcoming third studio album.

In the song, Morgan Wallen takes a look back at his life and feels proud about the way he has been able to turn some things around. It is as if his mother’s prayers for him have finally caught up with him. So, he feels the need to let his mother know that she can finally be proud of him too.

Announcing the release of the song, Morgan Wallen tributed the song to his mother;

This one’s for you mama. I know it didn’t always seem like those prayers were getting through. I Hope this song is a testament to the fact that they did.

Still your only d*mn son, Morgan

Songwriting credits on the track extend to Miranda Lambert, Nicolle Galyon, and Morgan himself.

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Morgan Wallen “Thought You Should Know” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Morgan Wallen directly addresses his mother, Lesli Wallen.

Morgan realizes that he has not been home in a while–life has been keeping him busy. He is a married man now. But his life wasn’t this stable a few years back. He was chasing women and filling himself with booze. And naturally, trouble followed him.

Mothers always worry about their kids. There is no exception to superstars. We see Taylor Swift’s mother always around her to date. Morgan’s mother prayed aplenty for him and they seemed to fall on deaf ears for some time.

Yeah, I know you’ve been worrying ’bout me
You’ve been losin’ sleep since ’93

1993 is the year Morgan Wallen was born.


In the hook of the song, Morgan Wallen tries to ease his mother’s mind. He says that he finally settled down with a good woman and he is happy with her. He has (probably) given up or reduced his drinking habits. He likes to fish now–probably a sign of maturity.

Yeah, I’m still proud of where I came from
Still your only d*mn son

Morgan Wallen is a big-time superstar now. Both of his last two songs “Wasted On You” and “Don’t Think Jesus” broke into the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. He is doing streaming numbers in millions. He is selling out concerts.

But his heart is still at Sneedville, Tennessee, his birthplace. Morgan is also the only son among three other female siblings.

Morgan Wallen with his parents (Image:
Morgan Wallen with his parents (Image:
Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Morgan Wallen launches several questions at his mother. He is eager to know news from his home–how his parents are doing, how is his mother’s garden coming along, if his father still acting silly, and how on earth she put up with his father!?

Morgan Wallen has had a few too many questions bottled up inside him and he poured them down on this song. We feel like he might be taking a trip home very soon.

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