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Harry Styles – Boyfriends | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Boyfriends” is the twelfth track on Harry Styles’ 2022 album ‘Harry’s House.’ In the song, Harry sings about the various ways partners mistreat each other in relationships, especially concerning boyfriends’ behaviors.

Harry Styles released his third studio album ‘Harry’s House’ on May 20, 2022. The album follows Harry’s previous release in 2019, titled ‘Fine Line.’ The new album takes melodic themes about people’s mental states during current days. Although, the album cover paints a house turned upside-down, a house is where your heart is.

In an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music, Harry Styles explained that “Boyfriends” was inspired by watching her sister’s dating life as well as his own;

I think the good part of [“Boyfriends”] is that it is everything. It’s both acknowledging my own behavior. It’s looking at behavior that I’ve witnessed. I grew up with a sister, so it’s watching her date people and watching friends date people, and people don’t treat each other very nicely sometimes. It was one of those really quick, just say what you think of boyfriends.

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Harry Styles “Boyfriends” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the three verses of the song, Harry Styles looks at different ways boyfriends tend to mistreat their partners in relationships.

Boyfriends tend to take their girlfriends for granted. Once they are on the hook, boyfriends tend to lose interest. The honeymoon phase wears off fast for them. Their minds plot the next adventure.

Boyfriends, they think you’re so easy
They take you for granted

Some girls fall in love way too easily, especially when their guards were weakened by something else. And boyfriends jump on these opportunities.

Love a fool who knows just how to get under your skin

Soon, these relationships spiral into confusion and heartbreak. Most of the time, neither of the partners is strong enough to walk away. So, they keep on holding on to burning ropes and slowly burning each other out.

And you know thе game’s never ending

These scenarios are nothing new. Love makes everyone blind for a second and a lot can happen in a second.

One thing apparent is that every person needs to treat everyone with respect and basic human decency. Empathy is a valuable trait to develop.

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