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Harry Styles – Little Freak | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Little Freak” is the sixth track on Harry Styles’ 2022 album ‘Harry’s House.’ In the song, Harry talks about one of his former affairs that did not stand the test of time. But, Harry still cherishes fond memories from this timeline.

Harry Styles released his third studio album ‘Harry’s House’ on May 20, 2022. The album follows Harry’s previous release in 2019, titled ‘Fine Line.’ The new album takes melodic themes about people’s mental states during current days. Although, the album cover paints a house turned upside-down, a house is where your heart is.

In “Little Freak,” Harry Styles calls this person Jezebel. Although a very pretty name, in Christianity, the name Jezebel is rather frowned upon for being associated with the Phoenician wife of Ahab, a king of Israel. In the Old Testament Jezebel is portrayed as an evil figure because she encouraged the worship of the god Ba’al.

However, Harry’s little freak shows no signs of evil in the song.

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Harry Styles “Little Freak” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Throughout the song, Harry Styles reminisces all the good memories he had with a former flair named Jezebel. He playfully calls them a ‘little freak’ adding a bit of sexual heat to their affair.

Harry Styles knows that Jezebel had a big impact on his life. Jezebel touched him in ways that he did not think were possible. This is why he still has fond memories of them.

You bring blue lights to dreams
Starry haze, crystal ball

Harry calls Jezebel a gift to the world. They had the power to heal everyone around them. Or they had the power to make everything seem better. In a world full of hate and negativity, this is a rare skill to possess. Harry says that her gifts were being wasted on him. They had so much potential, and Harry did not believe that he deserved them.

Tracksuit and a ponytail
You hide the body all that yoga gave you

Jezebel seemed to be made out of all the right pieces of a male fantasy. They were witty, charming, gorgeous, dreamy, delicate, hot, and warm. And they could hide it all well under some baggy clothes if they wanted.

In the third and final verse of the song, Harry Styles gives some context into what could have gone wrong in their relationship–if one such thing existed at all.

Jumped in feet first and I landed too hard
A broken ankle, karma rules

Jumping in headfirst is the worst thing one can do. Jumping in feet first can be less severe if you land properly. But Harry Styles had no time to calculate his fall. He fell fast into Jezebel’s spell and broke his ankles. This is to infer that Jezebel might not have been ready for a relationship. Her spirit and aura captured Harry Styles, but it was another Wednesday day for Jezebel.

You never saw my birthmark

A birthmark is a rather personal artifact. Most birthmarks are hidden underneath our clothing (as about 80% of our bodies are covered most times, in public). Harry is implying that Jezebel and he never got too personal or intimate. Had they explored each other’s bodies, they would have discovered each other’s birthmarks.

Harry Styles can only think back to those times now. Sometimes, what could have been is sweeter than what was.

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3 thoughts on “Harry Styles – Little Freak | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

  1. This is a song to his feminine side, not another person. He struggles with showing her, though she can clearly be seen in, for instance, Harry’s photoshoot for Another Man. Another song that references her is ‘She’. We shouldn’t assume Harry is cis.

  2. The birthmark line is about how they rushed in too quick and she/he never saw the most obvious things e.g his birthmark because it is on his hand

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