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Joji – Before The Day Is Over | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Before The Day Is Over” is the fourth track on Joji’s 2022 album ‘Smithereens.’ In the song, Joji is heard pleading someone to let him into their life before it is too late. They seemed to have had a good thing going on but lately, things have been changing course. Joji is scared of this change. But can he stop feelings?

Joji released his third studio album ‘SMITHEREENS’ on November 4, 2022. Back in June 2022, Joji released the lead single of the album “Glimpse of Us.” This is Joji’s follow-up project to his 2020 album ‘Nectar.’

The beginning of the song makes it feel as if Joji is singing about change. On this subject, there is no escape. Everything is subject to change–some very fast and some ever so slowly. Relationships are the least of them. Everyone changes and it is absurd to expect them not to, when you yourself do, too.

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Joji “Before The Day Is Over” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

At the beginning of the song, we hear Joji being confused about what is happening to his relationship with a special someone. Things have been changing courses a little recently and he is not feeling comfortable. What used to be innocent smiles have turned to bleak lip movements and dull looks. What used to be sweet whispers have turned to mere grunts and silence.

Not too long ago, they were in bliss. And they were lost in this lavender haze unbeknown of what was to come. Now the silence has surrounded them. This makes things worse. They are not even fighting to protect what they have/had. They have given up–or at least Joji’s partner has given up.

There is nothing much Joji can do except for pleading them to open up one more time. Maybe if they had an open discussion they could save this relationship one more time. But this seems quite farfetched at this point.

Every day feels like it’s the end now. So, Joji wants to know if they can let him in one more time. Maybe he doesn’t even want to save the relationship. Maybe, he just wants answers. Silence can be crippling. It is much better to have an overblown argument and air out what’s inside you. It might hurt more at the moment, but at least they will have closure with the knowledge of what went wrong. Silence might not be a good teacher in breakups.

Not knowing what is going on will eat Joji from inside. Maybe the only in he wants is to find answers and hope to move on. Joji feels as if tonight might be their last night together. So, maybe some explanations before the day is over would be nice!

Would you prefer to end a relationship in dark and silence? Or would you prefer to air out what led to the breakup? Let us know in the comments below.

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