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Joji – Die For You | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Die For You” is the third track on Joji’s 2022 album ‘Smithereens.’ In the song, Joji dives into some painful memories of letting their former partner go. It is a bitter experience to erase your memories from the past and it is even worse trying to erase your future plans with this specific person.

Joji released his third studio album ‘SMITHEREENS’ on November 4, 2022. Back in June 2022, Joji released the lead single of the album “Glimpse of Us.” This is Joji’s follow-up project to his 2020 album ‘Nectar.’

In “Die For You,” Joji attempts to move on from a past relationship–easier said than done. He knows that his former partner is doing well now. It stings to see this while he is still a wreck. But he also seems to be genuinely happy that they are doing good. Joji really did love this person.

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Joji “Die For You” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The album title ‘smithereens’ make sense in the context of this song. A common expression in love is ‘blown to smithereens’ when someone is deeply in love. And his true love for this ex-partner is evident throughout the song.

In the song, we find a weary singer having sacrificed a few nights of sleep thinking about his life. He was so used to having her on his shoulder while he fell asleep. It wasn’t a burden; but rather an assurance of the future he was blindly walking into.

When you trust someone to build a future with and it all disappears in front of your eyes, you not only feel awful but you also begin to question your own decisions and your ability to trust yourself.

Joji understands that heartbreaks are part of the game of life–growing pains. But, do we have to?

Joji starts burning their old photos. This is a painful process. But maybe it will help him get this person off his mind. It won’t help today. But he will feel that familiar face fade into a smudge somewhere down the line. He will forget little things about them that he used to know like the back of his hand. However, the feelings will remain. He will most likely never forget how he felt about this person. This is a scar for life. Someone new will be able to fill the vacant space at some point. But if the singer thinks back to his past, he will always feel the same about his ex.

Joji knows this person is doing better now. No more heartache. No more confusion. It pains Joji to see this. You almost want your ex-partner to be the wreck you are in so you know that the feelings are mutual post-breakup. However, Joji is mature enough to understand that not everyone deals with heartache the same. This does not take anything away from how they felt when they were in the relationship.

Joji confesses that he still loves this person regardless of their situation now. He even goes so far as to say that he would still do anything for this person.

At some point, the singer has to move on. Otherwise, he just keeps dying over and over again in his head. And there is so much his head can tolerate–easier said than done!

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