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Cass Elliot – Make Your Own Kind of Music | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Cass Elliot’s iconic vocals did her well when she started began her solo career away from the legendary music group The Mamas & The Papas. “Make Your Own Kind of Music” was a big hit from the 60s, when Cass Elliot brought it to life. However, the song was not originally recorded by her.

Cass Elliot was the lead female vocals in the legendary folk rock group The Mamas & The Papas. The group was heard everywhere during its reign from 1965 – 1968. The breakup of the group did not stop Cass Elliot from releasing more music as she went on release five more studio albums.

“Make Your Own Kind of Music” was released as the follow-up single to Cass Elliot’s “It’s Getting Better” from her second solo studio album ‘Bubblegum, Lemonade, and… Something for Mama.’ The song was initially written by the singer/songwriter duo Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. However, it gained mainstream attention with Cass Elliot’s recording in 1969. The song broke into the top 40 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Thematically, the song encourages listeners to live their best life, dancing to their own beat. You don’t have to do what others say or be who others want you to be. The limits are endless for you to become who you want (without hurting others).

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Cass Elliot “Make Your Own Kind of Music” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

There’s a certain way Cass Elliot performs this song, and it tends to resonate with a lot of the listeners. Maybe, she was able to relate to the lyrics herself, especially being broken up from The Mamas & the Papas group, use of drugs, and fighting depression. In 1974, just 5 years after the release of this very optimistic song, Cass Elliot’s heart gave out, taking her life at the mere age of 32.

In the first verse of the song, Cass tells us that nobody should be telling you how you can live your life. As long as your choices do not affect others in a negative way, you are free to live your best life. The whole world does not have to sing the same song. People are different, people have different tastes–in music and in lifestyle. So, no one has to dance to everyone else’s beat. Chose your own beat.

In the chorus of the song, Cass Elliot encourages us to make our own music if nothing else fits our agenda. Your life is unique from everyone else’s out there. So, create your own notes, beats, and lyrics, and sing them out loud proudly.

But, fair warning. This is your own special song. Nobody else might be interested in your song. Being unique also comes with the plate of solitude. But, this should not deter you from your journey. You shouldn’t have to change your ways to be accepted by social norms. Be unique and be proud. The right people will gather around you.

In the second verse of the song, it gets even more brutal. Cass Elliot emphasizes that choosing this unique path will be the loneliest kind of lonely you have ever felt. But, remember why you chose this path in the first place. This is the road to your destination, not anyone else’s. So, be prepared to walk this road alone. Just remember that the destination will be all you ever wanted.

In the third and final verse of the song, the singer follows her own advice. If the listener does not want to listen to her, that is fine by her, too. Because they are doing what they want and how they want. This is the exact idea sung in this song.

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