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Ace of Base – Don’t Turn Around | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The Swedish pop group Ace of Base had a handful of hits throughout their career and “Don’t Turn Around” is a timeless classic amongst them. The heartbreak anthem talks about the aftermath of a relationship where the singer is trying to hide their pain and put on a brave face.

“Don’t Turn Around” was not originally written for or recorded by Ace of Base. It was written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren. The song was originally recorded by the iconic singer Tina Turner in 1986. The song has been covered numerous times since, including the cover by Ace of Base.

Ace of Base recorded the song in 1993 for their US debut album ‘The Sign.’ It was the second single off the album, following the title track “The Sign.” While Tina Turner’s original recording reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart, Ace of Base’s version saw more success, ranking #1 in Canada, #4 on US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and #5 on UK Singles Chart.

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Ace of Base “Don’t Turn Around” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song occurs in the final moments of a relationship. She can see the final moments approaching and she knows the ending cannot be prevented. ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ but she cannot help herself. It was good while it lasted.

Of course, she is not going to chase behind him or beg him to stay. If he thinks it’s best to separate, there’s no turning back. It takes two people to keep a relationship alive. So, the singer is not trying to keep him around anymore.

But, she is heartbroken, despite her trying her best to hide it in front of her partner. The last thing she wants to show is that she is too hurt to see him leave. She is going to weep her eyes out. But, he will not know this.

It might be a blatant lie when she says she is not going to miss his arms around her. However, she has to convince herself of this. Else, it would be very difficult for her to move on.

In the bridge of the song, the relationship comes to full closure. As he walks out the door, for the final time, he feels his heart grow heavy and his feet stiffen. But, he is too proud to turn around. He continues his way out the door. She watches him leave for the final time.

He did not turn around, as she wanted. He did not see her tears crashing down. Maybe, it is for the best. Never hold on to burning bridges!

Ace of Base does an amazing job of bringing this song to life from a whole new perspective. Behind the pop/funk beat, Ace of Base lays a chilling vocal track filled with sadness.

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