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Melanie Martinez – NYMPHOLOGY | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Nymphology” is the eleventh track on Melanie Martinez’s 2023 album ‘PORTALS.’ The song alludes to the abusive nature of a relationship or even society at large that the singer has to endure.

Melanie Martinez released her third studio album ‘Portals’ on March 31, 2023. Prior to the album’s release, the lead single “DEATH” was released a week earlier. In an Instagram post, Melanie said that the album’s theme is wound around death and life and everything in between. This is Melanie’s follow-up project to her 2020 EP ‘After School.’

In Greek mythology, nymphs are an inferior class of female deities. While nymphs are gods by nature, they are always treated as second-class among other male gods. In the song, Melanie wants to break free from her abusive relationship.

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Melanie Martinez “Nymphology” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Melanie Martinez realizes that she has led the life of a nymph so far. Nymphs are considered to be inferior gods in Greek mythology. Often small in size compared to other prominent male Gods, nymphs are subject to substandard treatments. Melanie Martinez feels the same way in her relationship.

A relationship requires two people working at it. They should have a mutual understanding which can often be termed as psychology between the two. But when one party gets abusive, it is not psychology anymore. It is bordering nymphology!

But it is time for her to break free. She has had enough suffering. She will not cry under the bed sheet covers anymore. It is time for her to assume her rightful position as a goddess among other gods.

Auctioned to a selfish man who thinks that he’s the prophecy

Back in the day, an arranged marriage was the norm where the above line would be the norm. Today, there’s much more freedom for either party to handpick the partner they want to spend the rest of their life with. However, the sad reality is that people change. A man could get infected with a god complex and start to believe everyone else is inferior to them–even the ones who have stayed through their worst times.

Oftentimes, a person of wisdom would not fall into this category of hotheads. This is why Melanie mocks the absolute stupidity of these people by saying that they cannot even spell ‘nymphology’ but still have the audacity to act all-knowing.

Also, it is common nature that these hotheads are ones to get hurt and offended easily as well. When even the slightest thing does not go their way, they act up. But lacking the actual courage or guts to do something about it, they come crawling back home and take it out on others. Melanie has had to nurture his wounds so many times while dealing with his god complex. No more, will she lick his wounds back to health. It is time to take a stand. And this might be enough to break him down. Even a slight challenge to his superiority complex would crush him.

This nymph has a knife and she will use it to cut all ties to this man. She wants to see how he would survive out in the world when she is not there to nurture his ego back to god levels.

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