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Doja Cat – Attention | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Doja Cat is back with new music and she is elevating her game to a whole new level. The rapper vowed to leave behind ‘mid and corny raps’ going forward and “Attention” is the first taste of it.

Doja Cat released her brand new single “Attention” from her upcoming fourth studio album. The singer cleared her social media timeline for the release of this track hinting at a fresh beginning in her career. The last release by Doja was “Vegas” for the soundtrack of the movie ‘Elvis.’

“Attention” is essentially about the persona every artist seems to develop as they grow. Spotlight is where everyone wants to live and after some time, this artificial persona and real life get blurred. The superficial persona feeds on attention. It is not as if superstardom comes with all benefits. It has many pitfalls.

Listen to “Attention” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat “Attention” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

At the start of the song, Doja Cat sets the premise for the song. This one does not bite because it needs attention to survive. If anyone wants to touch and pet it, they are most welcome to. But it does not need anyone to overcommit to it–it just needs attention, not anyone’s love.

In the first verse of the song, Doja Cat sees through the people for who they are. She has been a point of talk all her career for her looks. Recently, she adopted a bald persona, shaving off her hair and even her eyebrows. It is non-conventional and this does not sit well with some people. Most likely than not, she received tons of ‘ugly’ comments. But Doja is unfazed.

Doja Cat is amused by the fact that some people think they even had a chance with her. When people comment how they think she is ugly, it is not as if she was looking for their approval in the first place.

You’re lucky ’cause I just paid your bill with a reply

Hate usually gains more traction than love on the Internet. One negative comment can get a whole fandom up in torches overlooking thousands of positive comments. And people abuse this system for their gains. If the celebrity decides to respond to a negative comment, this is the pinnacle of Internet fame. This is what the haters live for. And sometimes, they can build a whole career out of it. It is sad.

At the end of the first verse, Doja lays out the truth about a lot of her followers on social media. A lot of these followers don’t follow her for her music. But rather, to pick up on any crumbs of dirt they can sling at her and earn a few bucks or likes. It is sad.

In the second verse of the song, Doja Cat starts off being naked–in lyrics and in the music video. Doja Cat has been a symbol of divine sexuality throughout her career. Some of her biggest songs such as “Juicy,” “Go To Town,” and “Say So” are highlighting her sensuality. She knows her sexuality sells well.

Doja Cat also mentions that she has paid her dues to the people who have shown her the ropes in the game. Now she just wants to do her thing without any conflicts in the industry. But being a pioneer isn’t easy. Every upcoming artist either wants to collab or diss her. Both good publicity and bad publicity are good publicity in the entertainment industry.

Towards the latter part of the verse, Doja Cat brings Nicki Minaj and Cardi B into the conversation. There is a lot of backlash about who is the ‘queen of rap and hip-hop’ and these two are the top contenders. And much unnecessary Internet fights have broken out over these competitions. Doja Cat wants to highlight how futile this is. She continues to slay away from all this drama!

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