Olivia Rodrigo – vampire | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

After her massive debut album ‘Sour,’ Olivia Rodrigo is finally getting ready for her second studio album. The name of the album is unknown yet, but the singer has announced the first song from the album and it’s out on June 30, 2023.

The new single is titled “vampire” and Olivia Rodrigo has already teased a very apt poster for the song.

Hinting at a vampire bite, Olivia Rodrigo has two purple bandaids on her left neck, supposedly where vampires love to suck blood from.

Listen to “vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo “vampire” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Olivia Rodrigo talked about the theme behind the song with DORK magazine;

It’s a song about feeling confused and hurt, and at first I thought it was meant to be a piano ballad. But when Dan and I started working on it, we juxtaposed the lyrics with these big drums and crazy tempo changes. So now it’s like a heartbreak song you can dance to.

The song talks about the relationship that has sailed south. The singer believes that her ex-partner just used her for everything she had to offer and disappeared into the night he came from.

It was a 6-month relationship that drained her. He used to need her at night and disappear when the Sun comes out. The singer believes he used her for her fame and fortune and when he had enough, it was time to move on. All actions draw similarities to what a vampire would do–active at night, slumbering in day, sucking, draining, and leaving her emotionless.

Went for me and not her
‘Cause girls your age know better

Olivia’s relationship with this person was doomed to last. When they started dating, a lot of other girls called him a ‘crazy’ person. But it’s the honeymoon phase at the beginning and everything is a lavender haze. She called these girls crazy for calling him crazy. Oh, the regrets!

This boy has a track record of being bad in relationships. He might have run the course with all the girls in his age who were crazy enough to date him. Now he is hunting below his age. And Olivia fell for it. Even vampires are known to put on the best looks until their fangs come out.

Olivia Rodrigo is back and the heartbreak theme continues from her first album. Have you ever been a victim of a vampire? Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Read the complete lyrics to the song on Genius.

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