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Taylor Swift – Foolish One | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Foolish One” is a story about all of us at least once in our lifetime. We have all been hanging on to burning ropes hoping that things would turn around. And in 9/10 of these cases, we learn the reality and peel down the curtains to move on.

‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ was released on July 7, 2023, as part of Taylor Swift’s ongoing re-releases of her original albums following a dispute with her first label Big Machine Records. She has, so far, released ‘Red’ and ‘Fearless’ albums fully re-recorded giving her the rights to own her own masters. The new release includes six new songs that originally did not make it to the album.

In “Foolish One,” Taylor Swift tries to be the hopefully romantic she is. She refuses to believe that they are done for, although all the signs point toward the exit door. The longer you hold on to burning bridges, the more hurt you tend to be. This is not love. This is a struggle.

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Taylor Swift “Foolish One” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The beginning of the song reminds us of a dinner table setting. The two people are sitting across from each other. The room is dimly lit. There isn’t much joy or laughter in the room. They nibble at their food thinking of what to say to each other but find a blank space in their heads. This is when you have to realize that either they need some serious work on themselves or just walk away.

Taylor Swift has shown her hand of cards–it is showing grief and coldness. His hands, however, are not so clear. He shows the bare minimum interest. Taylor Swift gets her hopes up. Then follows silence. She curls inside.

There are plenty of voices in her head going ‘walk away’ or ‘it’s not worth it.’ But, Taylor is not ready to give in yet. Her pride says that she still can make it work.

You know how to keep me waitin’
I know how to act like I’m fine

The only things alive in this relationship are false hope and fake attempt. He just does enough to keep her around and she keeps hoping that something will change for the better at some point. Could this ‘rough patch’ be something they would laugh at when they are old and gray? Or is this the hopeless romantic within Taylor just making up another excuse to stop her from facing reality?

‘Cause you got her on your arm and me in the wings

This lyric should be the final draw, for sure. There isn’t much to be salvaged in this relationship anymore. Is she fictitious or is she real? Regardless, he is not in this 100% and she cannot do anything to make him so.

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