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Ez Mil – Realest Ft. Eminem | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Filipino-American rapper Ez Mil is the latest signee under Shady Records headed by Eminem, and it comes as no surprise the duo released their first-ever collaboration titled “Realest.” Suffice it to say that both of them delivered some fire verses in this track.

Ezekiel Miller, professionally known as Ez Mil, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He rose to popularity around 2020, with his debut studio album ‘Act 1.’ In July 2023, Ez Mil was enlisted to Shady Records/Aftermath managed by Dr. Dre and Eminem.

In the collaboration, Ez Mil raps about being one of the best in the game and pays homage to Eminem. The latter on the other hand, goes at the jugular of the entire Generation Z, Melle Mel, and even The Game for certain jabs they have put out on Eminem in the recent past. A lot of fans have come out to rank Eminem’s verse on the “Realest” track to be one of the best features he has ever done.

Listen to “Realest” by Ez Mil and Eminem

Ez Mil and Eminem “Realest” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Ez Mil talks about the hardships he has gone through to come to this position he is in. This is why when he got the invitation from Eminem, he had no second thoughts or even need for negotiation. It was the stamp of approval he needed in his career. The streets aren’t as kind to him. Whatever he gives back to the world only seems to come back and bite him. If you cannot relate to this, you probably haven’t made enough people jealous of your success.

In the second verse of the song, Ez Mils comes back for more. He starts off with an homage to Eminem solidifying Em’s position as ten minus nine, essentially number one. Better yet, the best compliment he gives to Eminem is saying that whatever position anyone ranks Eminem at, Ez Mil will still tune to his music.

Ez Mil continues to maintain his impeccable cadence throughout the song and also shows that he can switch it up with a sped-up section towards the end of his verse. He compares his flow to a Gatling gun that spitfires bullets.

Eminem jumps in on the third verse of “Releast” with Ez Mil. First of all, he addresses an age-old debate as to why he is not placed as number 1 in the rap game. The most popular narrative is that Eminem’s white skin worked to his advantage all throughout his career. But now, it is working to his disadvantage as the hip-hop community never seems to accept him as #1 because he is not Black.

Being white ain’t why they put me at five (Nope) it’s why they can’t put me at one (Whoot)

Next up, The Game. Rapper The Game made attempts to go at Eminem claiming that he believes he is the best in the rap game right now and that he dethrone Eminem. Eminem never responded to The Game, until now. The Game also claimed that Eminem is irrelevant today because he is not being played in any clubs. It took some time, but Eminem came back with the best response anyone could. Eminem mocks The Game that the only reason his music is played in clubs is because he still performs in clubs, whereas Eminem plays in sold-out stadiums around the world.

In the next line, Eminem turns to Lord Jamar, who said that Eminem is only a ‘guest’ in the house of hip hop. Eminem says he might as well be, but he turned this house into a gargantuan mansion. Eminem is the best-selling rap artist in history and his influence is undeniable. To say otherwise is simply being in denial of the truth.

Next up, Melle Mel. In an interview, Melle Mel underplayed Eminem’s talent by claiming that he was a “capable rapper” and that he has a rhyme style. But Eminem will never be a GOAT because he is white. And the only reason Eminem is topping charts and selling out concerts is because he is white. In the “Realest,” Eminem claps back at Melle Mel for these comments saying that Melle’s head is all juiced up (drugged) due to all the steroids he is using for muscle growth.

In the last part of Eminem’s verse, he gives us a snapshot of his life. Gods made Em and was thinking to himself that he is going to be a capable rapper but he should start his life at the bottom of the barrel. A broken home, drugs, poverty, and racism are some of the hurdles he had to overcome to be here today. And he deserved his flowers.

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