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Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Doja Cat continues her demonic persona in the latest single and music video “Paint The Town Red.” The song has Doja Cat standing her ground about everything she has done and said so far in her career.

“Paint The Town Red” follows Doja Cat’s first single “Attention” from her upcoming fourth studio album ‘First Of All,’ expected to be released in 2023.

“Paint The Town Red” samples Dionne Warwick’s 1964 classic “Walk on By,” thus giving them songwriting credits on the song. The music video for “Paint The Town Red” shows Doja Cat assuming her rightful position as a devil and the bride to Death himself.

Listen to “Paint The Town Red” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat “Paint The Town Red” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song begins with the chorus, where Doja Cat stands her ground for everything she has said and done so far. She has had some controversial takes and ‘looks’ over the years which have received some backlash from her fanbase. However, in these lyrics, Doja Cat seems to be unphased. ‘Paint The Town Red’ is a phrase commonly used to refer to destruction and chaos. Through this, Doja Cat says that she will continue her ways.

In the post-chorus, Doja Cat assumes her role as the devil, a bad girl, and a rebel–all things which have been used to address Doja and her ways at some point. Why fight a faceless army when you can just wear your weaknesses as armor?

It’ll take a whole lot for me to settle

No keyboard heroes are going to take her down anytime soon. So, keep trying.

In the two verses of the song, Doja Cat spits out bottled-up demonic chants. A good way to start off the verse is by saying “Said my happiness is all of your misery.” It is very impressive how some people/fans want a certain artist to fold into a certain mold they think is acceptable. Doja Cat went bald a few years back which received a lot of backlash from her own fanbase. It must be amusing for Doja Cat to see how personally some people get offended by her actions–some of which seemingly only affect her.

Ugh, I look better with no hair

Even in the second verse, Doja Cat continues to address the same issue. She says that she does not need to wear a wig to make anyone happy. She will do whatever she thinks fit her outlook.

However, Doja Cat is careful enough not to cause commotion among her true fans. She says that fans are not dumb to look at her outlook and judge her. But she is not happy about certain wolves in sheepskin who just don’t let her be herself.

At the end of her verse, Doja Cat says that she is not fiending for any more fame. She has climbed to the top of the game and she does not need to sell her soul or pretend to be someone else to gain anything more.

All the fans out there need to learn about boundaries and letting people be who they are. Your favorite artist might change who they are over the years, but if you were a true fan, you would understand.

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