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Drake – Red Button | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The latest installment of the ‘Scary Hours’ album series by Drake is here. The latest EP is called ‘For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition’ and starts off with an ominous verse on “Red Button.” The song talks about Drake’s undisputed authority in the music game and namedrops just one artist who can make Drake rethink his moves.

Drake released ‘For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition’ EP with 6 new tracks on November 17, 2023. This is an extension to his ‘Scary Hours’ album series, the last one being from March 2021. This is the third installment of the series. “I’ma slap some headtops off with this Scary Hours pack,” said Drake about the third and the latest EP.

In “Red Button,” Drake namedrops Taylor Swift–this time for a good reason. Drake admits that Taylor Swift is probably the only artist who could make him change his schedule for a song release or an album release. It is a known fact that Taylor Swift has immense power over the music industry at this point. It is generally a very bad business move to release any new music on dates when Taylor Swift has anything going on. Others’ music is much more likely to go under the radar and perform badly on the charts. While it is humbling for Drake to admit this, he also says she is the only one who can do that to him. Anyone else doesn’t really make any impact in his life or career.

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Drake “Red Button” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The beginning of the song is dedicated to boasting the greatness Drake has achieved over his career. It is, definitely, one that is very decorated and successful ever. He still breaks streaming records every time he drops new music. He also gives a nod to Billboard magazine for charting his music, which usually ranks at the top of the coveted Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Drake also calls Taylor Swift the only artist he considered to have ‘made it’ in the industry. Taylor’s dominance is unquestionable–one of the bestselling, best charting, most awarded, most recognized around the world, and a truly talented singer and songwriter. Drake admits that Taylor Swift would be the only artist who can make him change his music plans.

Every time that Yeezy called a truce, he had my head inflated

On the flip side of Taylor Swift, Drake mentions Kanye West, who has had a falling off with Drake over the years. Drake says that anytime Yeezy needed a feature or a collaboration, he did not hesitate. But now, they have drifted apart so much they don’t even see them reconnecting again. To make matters worse, anytime Kanye calls for a truce, he just feels egoistic. This obviously does not help mend their relationship.

Drake also brushes off on the title of the song. He says when he presses the red button everyone gets elevated. This is a reference to the record button in a music recording studio, and he alludes that his music makes people feel a certain way, which is one reason he has been so successful for so long.

The latter part of the verse serves as a threat to Drake’s opposition. The top of the world is a lonely spot. There are not many people who can challenge Drake at this point, but he also only has to lose from where he stands right now. Everybody comes at the one at the top.

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