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Kendrick Lamar – Not Like Us | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is barely done. As the fourth edition of the back-and-forth between the hip hop feud, K Dot released “Not Like Us” hours ago with severe accusations at Drake for being a pedophile.

“Not Like Us” follows “Euphoria,” “6:16 in LA,” and “Meet the Grahams” all targeted at Canadian hip hop artist Drake. The war was set afoot when Drake collaborated with J. Cole on “First Person Shooter” in October 2023. In the track, Cole mentioned all three artists, Kendrick, Drake, and himself, and implied that, at the moment, he feels like he is in a different league altogether. Kendrick went ballistic on both Drake and Cole on his feature with Metro Boomin on “Like That” in March 2024. In April 2024, Drake released “Push Ups” making fun of K Dot’s appearance. Drake doesn’t let Kendrick take a breather after this by releasing a second diss “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Kendrick Lamar doubles down on his response to Drake on “Euphoria” which lasts for 6 minutes. Just 72 hours after “Euphoria,” Kendrick follows through with another diss track “6:16 in LA.” In the track, Kendrick claims that Drake’s label ‘OVO’ has moles working for him. Drake responds within 14 hours with “Family Matters” in which he digs dirt on K Dot’s relationships of infidelity. Kendrick’s response comes even faster, mere minutes later, with “Meet the Grahams.” In this diss, Kendrick claims that Drake has many other children, than Adonis, he claims for.

The thumbnail for “Not Like Us” shows a Google Maps image of Drake’s mansion at Park Lane Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On the image of his mansion, are 13 pinheads, resembling the sex offenders registry. With this, Kendrick seems to claim that Drake is somehow related to sex offenders and his mansion shelters them.

Listen to “Not Like Us” by Kendrick Lamar Diss to Drake

Kendrick Lamar “Not Like Us” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

K Dot starts off his diss by calling out all his rivals, which he claims there are not many. The whole industry seems to be against him, but he does not mind.

The real assault begins mid-way through the verse;

Say Drake, I hear you like ’em young

This is Kendrick directly claiming that Drake is a pedophile. The 13 pins on Drake’s mansion is Kendrick’s way of saying that Drake is sheltering sex offenders in his Toronto mansion. He also says that prison will be a very unpleasant place for Drake, as the jail system is known to be a very dangerous place for sex offenders.

Kendrick also shoots a warning to all the ladies who claim to be in love with Drake. The Certified Lover Boy might be extending his love to underage people, as per Kendrick.

In the second verse of the diss, Kendrick also mocks Drake’s feeble attempt at creating an AI Tupac voice in his diss “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Tupac’s camp did not take so well at this attempt and Drake eventually had to take down his diss off of streaming services.

Later in the verse, Kendrick Lamar also mocks Drake’s label ‘OVO,’ claiming it stands for ‘Other V*ginal Option.’

Lamar drags Drake through the mud for claims that Drake slept with Lil Wayne’s girlfriend while Lil Wayne spent eight months in prison due to gun charges in 2010. Kendrick says this is immoral and beneath everyone.

The above reasons are why Kendrick claims Drake is ‘Not Like Us.’ Towards the end of the diss, Kendrick recalls African-American slavery in America. Once they all fought a common struggle. Atlanta was one of the central hubs of this trade. Fast forward to 2024, Kendrick thinks Drake has a similar agenda still. He still runs to Atlanta to make a quick buck. He abuses the talent in Atlanta to rake in money for himself. Kendrick names some rappers who have collaborated with Drake in the past to give examples of the artists he had used and ‘discarded.’ The names include Future, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, Young Thug, Quavo, and 2Chainz.

This feud is getting bloodier by the day. Do you think “Not Like Us” will end the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake as uglier secrets keep bubbling up? Or, is this just the start? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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