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Kendrick Lamar – Meet the Grahams | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

If you thought the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar was subsiding, this new diss track “Meet the Grahams” will make you reconsider. After several jabs at each other from each camp, things seem to start getting uglier and personal, as Kendrick Lamar claims Drake has a daughter that he has not admitted or taken custody of.

“Meet the Grahams” follows “Euphoria,” and “6:16 in LA,” in a series of dissk tracks targeted at Canadian hip hop artist Drake. The war was set afoot when Drake collaborated with J. Cole on “First Person Shooter” in October 2023. In the track, Cole mentioned all three artists, Kendrick, Drake, and himself, and implied that, at the moment, he feels like he is in a different league altogether. Kendrick went ballistic on both Drake and Cole on his feature with Metro Boomin on “Like That” in March 2024. In April 2024, Drake released “Push Ups” making fun of K Dot’s appearance. Drake doesn’t let Kendrick take a breather after this by releasing a second diss “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Kendrick Lamar doubles down on his response to Drake on “Euphoria” which lasts for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Just 72 hours after “Euphoria,” Kendrick follows through with another diss track “6:16 in LA.” In the track, Kendrick claims that Drake’s label ‘OVO’ has moles working for him. Drake responds within 14 hours with “Family Matters” in which he digs dirt on K Dot’s relationships of infidelity. Kendrick’s response comes even faster, mere minutes later, with “Meet the Grahams.” In this diss, Kendrick claims that Drake has many other children, than Adonis, he claims for. At the time of this article, Kendrick had followed up on “Meet the Grahams” with another diss track titled “Not Like Us,” which seemingly is a worse attack on Drake.

On “Meet the Grahams,” Kendrick Lamar takes on the responsibility of introducing some members of the Graham family. Aubrey Graham is Drake’s birth name and the song talks to Adonis Graham (Drake’s son), Sandi Graham (Drake’s mother) and Dennis Graham (Drake’s father), an unknown baby daughter (whom Kendrick claims Drake has hidden from the public), and finally Aubrey Graham himself.

The song thumbnail seems to imply that Drake is a pill addict and a rich artist who uses other small artists for monetary gain. The t-shirt in the background shows a bulldog taking a leak on a fire hydrant. This might be a reference to Drake’s 2023 album ‘For All the Dogs,’ as Kendrick implies this is how Drake treats his fellow artists.

Listen to “Meet the Grahams” Diss by Kendrick Lamar to Drake

Kendrick Lamar “Meet the Grahams” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

The first verse of the song is Kendrick Lamar talking to Adonis Graham–Drake’s 6-year-old son with French model Sophie Brussaux.

Drake’s son, Adonis, was rather a hush-hush subject before Pusha-T revealed in his viral diss track “The Story of Adidon” in 2018. In the track, Pusha-T claimed that Adonis is being neglected and kept a secret by Drake.

Kendrick cannot help but apologize to Adonis for Drake being his father. Lamar claims that Drake is a very bad father figure and no child deserves a role model like Drake. So, Kendrick offers to be one.

Let me be your mentor since your daddy don’t teach you sh*t

Giving parental advice, Kendrick teaches Adonis never to take urination from another man. He says that it would be more honorable to die than be in this situation. Allegedly Drake was urinated on by rapper T.I. in a drunken frenzie at a movie premier in 2010. Multiple artists since have confirmed this allegation.

Further live advice includes; not code-switching or jumping ships for one’s advantage (a play on Drake’s light-skin Black nature), not surrounding yourself with hookers (Drake’s seen to frequent popular night clubs), not getting addicted to pills, and not getting Brazilian surgery and just hitting the gym for personal gains (plays on the rumor that Drake had a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery).

Kendrick also calls out Drake for hiding the existence of Adonis until Pusha-T made it public in 2018. How would Adonis feel when he learns that his father kept him a secret for over a year since his birth? Was he ashamed to accept him as his son?

Verse 2

The second verse of “Meet the Grahams” is Kendrick Lamar talking to Drake’s parents Sandi and Dennis and he seemingly apologizes for the person Drake has become.

Kendrick talks to Sandi about all the problems Drake is in–from pill addiction to mental health to the ways Drake treats women. As a woman herself, Sanid would not be proud of the ways Drake has treated women in the past.

To Drake’s father, Kendrick says that he raised a master manipulator, who abused his father’s Black heritage for his advantage. All the times Drake made money by leaning his allegiance to Black culture, dues are owed to his father, and Kendrick says he deserves the largest share of Drake’s wealth for this.

You raised a horrible f*ckin’ person, the nerve of you, Dennis

Kendrick hurls at Drake’s father for his influence on Drake–from pills to escorts to gambling addiction. Adding to the fire, Kendrick also puts Drake in the same bucket as Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of rape and sexual assault. In the “Not Like Us” diss, Kendrick doubles down on the above rumor and calls Drake’s Toronto mansion to be a shelter for pedophiles.

In the lyrics that follow, Kendrick says that Drake’s record label ‘OVO’ also shelters sexual predators and even has a few on its payroll. He says that Adonis is getting exposed to a lot of Drake’s ‘predatory’ antics by being around the rapper, and everyone else should keep their daughters safe from predators like Drake. To all the women who bump Drake’s music, Kendrick claims they are supporting a predator who would go after their daughters or nieces. K Dot tells anyone who has associated with Drake to be careful because at some point the truth will come out and it would not be prettier in jail.

Verse 3

The third verse of the song is directed towards a child Drake hasn’t revealed yet, according to Kendrick.

K Dot apologizes for Drake not being a father figure to this child, although she might be better off without a father figure like Drake. Kendrick says that Drake is too busy popping pills, chasing escorts, and destroying families when he really should be watching movies with her or even writing her a poem for her birthday.

But I would like to say it’s not your fault that he’s hidin’ another child

This lyric alludes to the fact that Drake kept his son’s existence a secret for almost a year, it is no surprise that he does the same with his daughter.

Kendrick hopes and prays best for this daughter of Drake. He prays that she never has to run behind men for validation because his father was not there to provide her the same in her childhood. While Drake might be one of the biggest superstars of the world, he is no hero to his own family.

Verse 4

In the fourth and final verse of the track, Kendrick directly talks to Aubrey Graham AKA Drake.

Kendrick starts off by saying that “Meet the Grahams” is not a hate song. He has no hate in him for Drake. This song is just the truth. This is unlike what Drake did in his disses when he fabricated lies to match up with metaphors, says Kendrick.

Line after line, Kendrick Lamar hurls jabs at Drake. He calls Drake a pill addict, a gambling addict, a misogynist, and a fake poser of the Black culture. Drake ignores all the genes from his mother’s side, a Canadian Jew, to claim he is Black and profit off of it.

But I would like to say it’s not your fault that he’s hidin’ another child

Lamar says that Drake had no hardships growing up although he tries to act ‘hard’ in the industry.

Finally, Kendrick exposes many lies of Drake from his son and daughter’s existence, his surgeries, his ghostwriters, his religious views, his crew, and his morality. Drake is a superstar hiding behind an ugly mask.

Kendrick ends the diss by saying that this is no longer a rap battle. This is a lifelong personal grudge at this point and dirt keeps getting dug up.

Let us hear what you think about this track in the comments below. Read the complete lyrics to the song on Genius.

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