most searched lyrics 2018

Here Are Genius’ Most Searched Lyrics of 2018

There are literally thousands of new music being released each year. Some tracks go unnoticed, and…

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queen best songs top 10 greatest hits

Top 10 Best Queen Songs (Review, Analysis, Videos and More)

Let us strap down to do the impossible. In this article, we wish to bring you…

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top 10 most difficult songs to sing

Don’t Try to Sing These Songs Even If You Are an Expert (Top 10 Most Difficult Songs To Sing)

Are you a good singer? How good are you? If you don’t know, maybe you can…

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avicii dead 2018 top 10 best songs

Remembering Avicii – Top 10 Best Songs of the Swedish DJ Maestro

Avicii’s short career span has inspired, affected and moved many around the world. The flash flood…

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list of all taylor swift songs up to 2018

List of All Taylor Swift Songs & Albums (Updated: April 2024)

There has not been a Country/Pop singer-songwriter in recent history who has been as successful as…

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best songs by missy elliot

Miss Missy Elliot? Listen to These Top 10 Songs by Her

Super Bowl XLIX concluded with a sudden flash of memories as Missy Elliot performed three songs…

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top 10 songs

Top 10 Songs of Ed Sheeran (Up to End of 2014)

I have often praised Ed Sheeran about his music. I have always said Ed Sheeran and…

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top 20 songs of 2014

“Just Random Things” Lists Top 20 Songs of 2014 (Best Music from The Best Artists)

Alright, let’s do the impossible. One reason I have pushed writing this article so far down…

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