Troy Ave Gets Real in “Pain” Music Video (Review)

troy ave pain music video review

Troy Ave has released new visuals for his track “Pain” appearing on ‘White Christmas 4‘ mixtape and it’s pretty hot. Troy Ave was recently held in a shootout where he lost his friend at a concert in Manhattan. He talks about this in the chorus of the track;

When it’s on we don’t talk, my niggas aimin
Man down, we don’t care what the fuck you claimin…

Watch “Pain” Music Video by Troy Ave

The lyrics talk about the fake lifestyle of some people and how little things can escalate into all out war-“Nigga giving me a headache? Give him headshots…”

Despite the rapper’s laid back attitude in the song, the lyrics are filled with fire as evident by following lines;

100 shots, I can’t miss you if I tried to
I put a price on yo head, niggas will buy you


Plenty blow and you snow I’m in the murda game
All my niggas ridding round, putting pain in
Two cars, five guns, when ya’ll see him flame him

Looks like Troy Ave is getting all the hatred built inside him through “Pain” and it’s always better to resort to music than gun-violence.

We are in love with the new visuals for this track and we would love to hear your opinion on it. Make sure to leave a comment and share this article with Troy fans.