Taylor Swift is the Leading Artist for 22 Weeks on Billboard Artist 100

taylor swift 22 weeks on billboard artist 100 list

Taylor Swift has been quite unstoppable in the recent past. This only accelerated when her most successful ‘1989’ album was released in the latter part of 2014. The success she has been having only multiplied by several times with the release of this album, although it crossed genres from Country to Pop. Since November, 2014 or so, Taylor Swift had […]

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Taylor Swift’s Cat Meredith Grey Owes Her 40 Million Dollars Now!

taylor swift meredith grey 40 milliom

Taylor Swift has two adorable kitties living in her apartment. Meredith Grey was the first and Olivia Benson was the second. They have been in many adventures with the 25 year-old multi-millionaire. Street walks with a hundred paparazzi flashing cameras, commercials and 1989 Secret Sessions-they have been through a lot of human experiences. They are cats, and they show it […]

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