Watch Taylor Swift and Nelly Perform “Dilemma” at Karlie Kloss’s B’day Party

taylor swift nelly perform dilemma at karlie kloss's birthday party

Taylor Swift and Nelly are no strangers to perform together, however unlikely their backgrounds look like. Even during the 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift brought out Nelly on stage which pretty much drove the crowd insane. However, only at exclusive party events do you get to see Taylor Swift performing to Nelly’s hit track “Dilemma” from 2002. Original “Dilemma” is […]

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Kanye West Planned to Insult Taylor Swift with “Famous” Lyrics

kanye west famous taylor swift feud lyrics

Ever since the release of “Famous” by Kanye West, it has been a cold war between him and Taylor Swift. Kanye West calls Taylor Swift a “bitch” very explicitly and there has been no consent about it from Taylor’s camp. Before things got crazy, Kanye announced that he has mentioned about the lyrics to Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian and […]

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Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Blank Space” at a Fan’s Wedding

taylor swift performs blank space at fans wedding after breakup

We’ve watched that scrawny looking, freckled girl from Nashville grow up to be one of the biggest and most successful musicians in the world. Taylor Swift is already in the record books for her musical success. But it’s gestures likes these that really speaks more about a person. Just two days ago Taylor Swift posted this picture on her Instagram […]

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Taylor Swift Amazing Vocals at Grammy Museum Performing “Wildest Dreams”

taylor swift wildest dreams performance grammy museum 2015

Once again Taylor Swift proves that she is an amazing vocalist, besides the Pop beats of ‘1989’ album. Her vocal talents have always impressed me starting from the very beginning of her career. What better song (from 1989 era) is there other than ‘Wildest Dreams’ to do a guitar-based vocal-emphasized live performance? Taylor Swift performed an acoustic ‘Wildest Dreams’ at […]

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Go Behind The Scenes of “Best Friend” by YelaWolf with Eminem

yelawolf best friend ft eminem behind the scenes

One of the better collaborations of the Rap music in the recent past came from Eminem and his fellow record label member YelaWolf. YelaWolf’s latest album ‘Love Story’ consisted of a track titled “Best Friend” which featured Eminem. Our review of the song ‘Best Friend’ indicates the lyrics speaking about a higher power phrased by ‘best friend.’ The music video […]

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