[Pictures] Taylor Swift Girls’ Night With Supermodel Friends Martha and Karlie

Taylor Swift girls night with Martha Hunt

Taylor Swift knows how to spend her free time in style. Last night (01/17/2015) Taylor had a little girls’ night with her Victoria’s Secret supermodels and some other close friends. Taylor Swift was spotted earlier that day doing some grocery shopping at Wholefoods, most likely in preparation to the cooking night that’s been planned out. Taylor got a little help […]

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Album Art of “Tetsuo & Youth” Is a Painting By Lupe Fiasco Himself!

Tetsuo & Youth lupe fiasco

Another huge album is about to drop. On January 20, 2015 Lupe Fiasco’s fifth album will drop worldwide. The album is titled “Tetsuo & Youth”. Lupe Fiasco had an interview with Billboard recently and revealed some interesting information about the upcoming album, music industry and his personal life. He spoke about how ‘not relevant’ he is in the music industry right […]

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