Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Decorates Vogue Magazine BFF Style

taylor swift and karlie kloss on vogue march 2015 issue

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are best friends. The friendship began back in 2013, during that year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, as far as we know. They must have hit it off quite well because they were soon spotted doing everything together. They were shopping, attending tea parties, grabbing coffees along the street walks, attending birthday parties and so on. […]

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Taylor Swift Releases “Style” Music Video- Paper Airplanes Everywhere?

taylor swift "Style" music video

Taylor Swift has just officially released the much anticipated “Style” music video. And it’s good. “Style” music video is different from all the previous visuals of Taylor we have seen. It’s emotional, despite the “Style” track being quite upbeat and chirpy. The music video is in tune with the meaning behind the song, and not the beat of the song. […]

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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Ties ‘Fearless’ Album For Longest No.1 Reign

'1989' ties 'fearless' for 11 weeks on billboard 200

Although “Shake It Off” didn’t win any Grammys this year, we have high hopes for ‘1989’ album on 2016 Grammy Awards. ‘1989’ album was released too late to be qualified for 2015 Grammy Awards. Grammy talks aside, ‘1989’ is still going strong on Billboard 200 chart. Billboard 200 chart is the premier music chart for music albums worldwide. And being […]

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Ed Sheeran Releases New Single “Bloodstream” with Rudimental

ed sheeran rudimental bloodstream

Ed Sheeran has collaborated with Rudimental band to completely redo the “Bloodstream” track from Ed Sheeeran’s latest “X” album. This is a whole other level of rework. Entirely different from the album version, with some epic music from Rudimental. Listen below. Of course we prefer the original album version. But this is a really nice re-touch. Ed Sheeran shared this […]

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