Bubblews.com Updates Redemption Policies

Bubblews.com is a brand new site that engages its users in a social network type environment and shares the revenues they earn with the users based on their levels of engagement. The website has been performing very well since July 2014 after a massive update pushed through and ironed out pretty much all the errors that hindered performance on the […]

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Eminem Reveals Album Cover for SHADYXV

[Source:┬ákarencivil.com] In a creepy (sort of) and short video Eminem himself revealed the cover photo or the album cover of the upcoming album SHADYXV. Eminem concluded the final concert of The Monster Tour with Rihanna a couple of days ago. If anyone thought Eminem was gone I suggest you browse some pictures or videos of concert. Eminem is bigger than […]

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Welcome to Just Random Things

Hello and Welcome to Just Random Things – a web-space dedicated to ‘just random things’. Basically this is a personal invitation to my head. What interests me, what I like, what I read about, what I use will be published on this website. Don’t worry, this is not a personal diary. There will be news about songs, movies, books and […]

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