Taylor Swift’s “Welcome To New York” Hints About Gay Rights

Taylor Swift 'Welcome To New York'
Taylor Swift ‘Welcome To New York’

Taylor Swift’s third single “Welcome To New York” from upcoming ‘1989’ album released last Monday and it rose to #01 on iTunes as expected. The song was about how Taylor wanted to move to New York so badly ever since she was a little girl and now that she has achieved that dream how she feels about the move and how the New York City has given her a new kind of inspiration to her music career. But what most of us overlooked was the fact that “Welcome To New York” also was Taylor Swift’s little tribute to the gay community.

“You can want who you want, Boys and boys and girls and girls.”

At first even I wasn’t sure what she was trying to say through this lyric line. But careful examination will tell you that the use of the word “want” means to have something, meaning boys can have boys and girls can have girls.

However the wording has been used it is clear that Taylor Swift is in full support of the gay community in New York City and all around the world–else she would not sing about it. Add this to the other million reasons you love Taylor Swift.

We live in a time where gender-equality and gay rights are being discussed and accepted more than ever in the history of mankind. They are becoming more free and less judged about their life choices. Taylor has been silent about this issue thus far, and what better time to voice on this matter than a time of a career transformation for Taylor.

To be honest I wasn’t quite impressed with the lyrics of “Welcome To New York”, still am not. But there is a lot of reading between lines that has to be done to extract the full meaning out of the song. This could have been the influence of Ryan Tedder who co-wrote the song with Taylor Swift.

PS: The title is a little underrated. It is not ‘hinted’, it is cried out loud…