Taylor Swift teases Styles track

Join Taylor Swift Live for a 1989 Secret Session with iHeartRadio

Taylor Swift went to great lengths to host one of a kind ‘1989 Secret Sessions‘ with her fans before the 1989 album got released. She stalked, she baked, she sang and she danced with her fans. Only a handful of lucky fans were selected to take part in these ‘1989’ Secret Sessions. But this time it is different.

Taylor Swift is to host yet another ‘1989 Secret Session’, this time via Yahoo Live Stream, to the entire world.

Taylor swift 1989 Secret session
Taylor Swift 1989 Secret Session via Yahoo Live with iHeartRadio [Source: Facebook]

This ‘1989’ Secret Session will happen on October 27 at 7:30p ET–that is the day of the 1989 album release. So it would be interesting to see what Taylor has to say. Also Taylor released this video and explained to us what is going on.

However it is unclear as to what Taylor will be doing on this live stream, besides the fact that Taylor said;

“I have never done this before, and you’ll definitely wanna see it and hear it all..”

Before this Taylor did host a Yahoo Live stream session and millions of fans joined her online. However she says this will be different and I’m gonna take her word for it.  So tune in on iHeartRadion and Yahoo Live to watch Taylor live on her 1989 launch day.

Taylor swift also encouraged the fans to host an Album Launch party on coming Monday. So everything is coming into place. Album launch, album launch party, Taylor Swift Live Stream. It is going to be an epic Monday…