See All the Crazy Faces Taylor Swift Made During “Blank Space” Performance at American Music Awards

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the theatricals. ‘Blank Space’ is such an emotional song if it needs to be. Emotional as in crazy girlfriend kind of way. On the official music video of ‘Blank Space’ too Taylor delivered a stunning crazy girlfriend performance and her live performance of ‘Blank Space’ at the American Music Awards 2014 was even crazier. Her facial expressions were priceless. They are not very much visible in the live performance with all the action surrounding her–unless you focus on her face very carefully. Taylor Swift’s legs made an appearance at the live performance too, and that was a huge distraction for concentrating on her face. So the pictures have captured her facial expressions quite exquisitely and here are some of them. Watch and enjoy the theatricals of a crazy girlfriend…

Taylor Swift brought a burning Rose into the performance which was quite the spectacle.
Those legs that run for miles…
Taylor Swift makes the perfect crazy girlfriend look

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