Eminem Guts Over Fear ft Sia

Eminem Releases “Guts Over Fear” Music Video and It’s So Powerful

Along with the brand new album “Shady XV”, Eminem also released the music video for “Guts Over Fear” featuring amazing talented Sia. The single (Amazon / iTunes) was released several weeks ago and caught the attention of the media worldwide for it’s amazing lyrics.

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“Guts Over Fear” talks about the personal struggles of Eminem/Slim Shady in coming to the position he is today. He was beat down countless times and everytime he got up and rose tall and above all those who put him down.

“The media made me the equivalent of a modern-day Genghis Khan”

The media made him look like a psychopath killer from the lyrics he used in his songs. Eminem does agree to this to some extent:

 “it just breaks my heart to look at all the pain I’ve caused…”

Eminem has shunned many an artist in his lyrics, most of the time with good reason behind it. But now he feels the weight of the words he used. But it was all:

“Tried to argue it was only entertainment, dawg
Gangsta? Naw, courageous balls…”

Watch the “Guts Over Fear” Music Video

Sia does the chorus of the song and to play her part in the music video a strange new artist has been used. America’s Next Top Model Chantelle Brown has been used to portray Sia in the music video. Chantelle Brown has a rare skin condition named ‘Vitiligo’, and this makes it Oh so powerful the chorus coming out of her. The chorus goes like:

“I was afraid to
Make a single sound
Afraid I will never find a way out, out, out
Afraid I never before
I didn’t wanna go another round
An angry man’s power will shut you up
Trip wires fill this house with tip-toe love
Run out of excuses with every word
So here I am and I will not run
Guts over fear, (The time is here)
Guts over fear, (I shall not tear)
For all the times I let you push me around
And let you keep me down
(Now I got) Guts over fear, guts over fear”

This comes out so powerfully from Chantelle Brown, given her skin condition and how that would make her shy and not willing to face the public. But even she overcame her self consciousness and was so flawless on America’s Next Top Model. All of this makes the ‘Guts Over Fear’ music video so powerful.

The music video ends with showing the boxer getting ready for a big match–which we assume he faces off successfully. It’s not really about winning. It’s more about standing up to what you believe you can do. It’s about standing up to your potential. Doing what you can do when the whole world doubts you and shuns you. It’s about your “Guts Over (your) Fear” of the world.

It’s all about:

“At least I made it out of that house and a found a place in this world when the day was done…”

and the song gives an even more powerful message at the end:

“So this is for every kid who all’s they ever did was dreamt that one day just getting accepted
I represent him or her, anyone similar, you are the reason that I made this song
Everything you’re scared to say don’t be afraid to say no more
From this day on forward, just let them a-holes talk
Take it with a grain of salt and eat their f*cking faces off.”

Video Credits: YouTube

Lyrics Credits: MetroLyrics

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