Taylor Swift 'Welcome to New York' and "Shake It Off" performance

Pictures From Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015 Performance

Taylor took the stage on the New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015 party held at Time Square few hours ago. She was accompanied by many other artists and their performances as we mentioned in a previous article.

Pictures from Taylor Swift’s Performance from New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015

Taylor Swift closing her performance
taylor swift belly button
No belly button? That’s Taylor Swift’s no-midriff policy for you
New Year's Rockin Eve 2015
Time Square looked electrified with Taylor and the crowd going berserk

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Taylor Swift performing "Shake It Off"
Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off”


Taylor Swift performing "Welcome To New York"
Taylor Swift performing “Welcome To New York”

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You can watch the full performance of Taylor on this page.

Leave a comment what you think about Taylor’s looks and what not.

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