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Taylor Swift Beats “Frozen Soundtrack” to Be The Highest Selling Album of 2014

What a stellar year it has been for Taylor Swift. She shifted from Country to POP and everything after has been a straight upward spiral. Taylor Swift’s latest album “1989” has been a massive success and continues to break records, make new records and pretty much beat every other artist and their music out there.

Disney’s Frozen has been a blockbuster movie. The music in it it even better. It is no surprise that Frozen Soundtrack (album) was the highest selling album throughout the year of 2014 until the last week of December. Frozen movie was released in the last week of November 2013 and it has sold 3.53 million copies since December 30, 2013 to December 28, 2014.

Taylor Swift’s “1989” album had a blockbuster first week too. It sold 1.287 million copies in the first seven days of the release and it is the highest first week sales for 2014. Backed up by this amazing first week sales, “1989” went on to sell 3.66 million copies worldwide for the week ending on December 28, 2014. This makes Taylor Swift’s “1989” the highest selling album of the year beating Frozen Soundtrack by an impressive 130,000 copies more. Big congratulations to Taylor Swift and most importantly a huge thanks to all the Swifities who brought her album.

Before “1989”, Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” album became the highest selling album of 2009 selling 3.22 million copies. Taylor Swift is unstoppable.

Buy Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album on iTunes / Amazon

Buy Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack on iTunes / Amazon

2015 will be undoubtedly another massive year for Taylor with her “The 1989 World Tour” starting up.

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