Taylor Swift performing at New Year's Rockin Eve 2015

Watch Taylor Swift Perform at New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015!

Taylor took the stage in a crop top on a cold 31st night to perform two of the biggest hits of the year to close down the year. Taylor Swift performed “Shake It Off” and “Welcome To New York” during the night and welcomed the new year.

Take a look at the pictures from the night.

Taylor Swift wore a silver jacket, black crop top and black jeans for the night’s performance, and she stripped the jacket half way through the performance-on a cold winter night. Still the elusive Taylor Swift belly button did not make an appearance.

Watch Taylor Swift’s Full Performance at New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015



Taylor Swift asks everyone in attendance at New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015 to shake off any bad memories from 2014 and start fresh in 2015.

Here’s what Taylor had to say about 2014.

taylor swift tweet new year

Be proud Swifities, you all really pushed through for Taylor, in good and bad times alike.

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