The Top 10 Songs People Searched For On ‘Shazam’ in 2014

Shazam‘ is one of the most innovative and useful applications developed for all music lovers. It allows users to search for music online from a database of over a million songs. The best part is you don’t even have to know a lyric of the song to search it, just hold your phone to the music source and the app will do the rest.

We have had all sorts of music charts during the year, Billboard music charts prominent among them. These charts are based on music sales, popularity and weeks on air on radio and other media. However on Shazam, the top 10 list has been made purely dependent on how many times a certain track was looked up/searched on Shazam. So what does a Shazam music chart mean?

What Does It Mean to Be On Top 10 List of Shazam?

As I have mentioned earlier, the number of searches for a track has decided on the top 10 list. So the top 10 list contains the most searched 10 tracks of 2014. It means people who searched for it initially didn’t know about the song, but fell in love or felt the need to find out what the song was. So naturally, there are very few ‘popular’ songs on this list.

These songs on the Shazam top ten list could be stated as the ‘most underrated’ songs of the year (a lot of people did find them interesting or catchy, but they didn’t know about the song). See how many tracks you recognize.

Shazam’s Top Ten Songs of 2014


01) Clean Bandit – “Rather Be” Ft. Jess Glynne

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02) John Legend – “All Of Me”

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03) Lilly Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz – “Prayer In C” (Robin Schulz Remix)

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04) Mr. Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)

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05) Nico & Vinz – “Am I Wrong”

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06) Magic!- “Rude”

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07) Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” Ft. Juicy J


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08) Pharrell Williams – “Happy” (Gru’s Theme From Despicable Me 2)

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09) Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance”

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10) Kiesza – “Hideaway” 

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Those are the top 10 tracks people Shazamed for. Some tracks are from legendary artists such as John Legend and others are from newcomers to the music industry, some are remixes and some are original versions. There’s really no pattern to this Shazam top ten list.

Are there any favorites of yours? Or did you Shazam for any of these tracks as well? Let us know in the comments.

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