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This EDM Version of “Drunk” by Ed Sheeran Is Our Jam of The Day!

“Drunk” is one of Ed Sheeran‘s earliest works and a huge hit that helped propel his success later on. We have encountered various versions of “Drunk” including piano covers, guitar covers, acoustic versions, instrumental versions and what not. But I have never come across an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) version of “Drunk”, and the very first one I come across is pretty amazing. This kind of completes the portfolio of possible versions of “Drunk”.

SoundCloud is filled with new artists and fresh talent. One such artist is “Speaker of The House“. And as you may have guessed already they do remixes–and they do it really well. EDM version of “Drunk” is their latest piece of art and has been getting very high recognition ever since it was released several hours ago.

EDM Version of Ed Sheeran’s “Drunk” by Speaker of the House

The best thing about this EDM remix is that Speaker of the House does not over do it. When you think of EDM you picture huge noises and crazy beats and rhythms. “Drunk” is not something you can go berserk with, even in an EDM remix. Speaker of the House maintains a paced out rhythmic and chill EDM beat to do justice to the original version by Ed Sheeran. Basically he has got it perfectly mixed up!

If you like this EDM rendition of “Drunk” by Speaker of the House, make sure you go over to their profile and check out more of their remixes and subscribe to the channel.

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