Taylor Swift third single 1989 style

“Style” CONFIRMED to be The Third Single off of Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album

Commence freak-out!!! The third single of the massively successful “1989” album by Taylor Swift has been revealed. So many of you may have guessed it correct, but it was a tough call. All the tracks on the album are so amazing. However Taylor and her management has decided to go with “Style” as the next single out of “1989”, and we couldn’t be happier.

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“Style” is the third track of “1989” and speaks about a lasting relationship. We have reviewed the track in an early article.

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RepublicPlaybook (“1989’s” record labels’ radio network) officially announced this information today. The track has debuted on Republic Records’ radio network at #38 on teir top 40 chart. “Style” will undoubtedly conquer Billboard Hot 100 like both single before “Style” did. Both “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” absolutely ruled Billboard Hot 100 for months!

The latest single “Style” is coming out on February 10, 2015.

“Style” Music Video?

The newest single is rumored to be released along with a music video. We already know that Taylor Swift has already completed two new music videos for two other tracks on “1989”. We don’t know which they are! But we can wildly guess that one of them is the music video for “Style”. Fingers crossed!

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