Kanye West All Day ft Travis Scott

(Listen) Kanye West’s New Song “All Day” Featuring Travis Scott

As per Kanye West, “All Day” is the first single off of his upcoming album due in 2015. Kanye announced about the album back 2014 in his interview with the GQ magazine. Rapdose says “All Day” is the first single off the new album, and we have no reason to doubt them. The current version of “All Day” is a leaked, low quality version. The snippet of the song was released sometime back. If you are dead set on listening to the full track, we have it for you.

Listen to Kanye West’s “All Day” from Upcoming Album


Lyrics to ‘All Day’ can be found at Metrolyrics.

It’s interesting how the song cover (as seen in the video above) shows a date below the track name. It reads ’24/7th’. Is it the new album name? Is it a release date?

’24/7th’ could mean that “All Day” track is officially to be released on July 24, 2015, well before the rumored September album release. But it seems quite unlikely that a mere single would leak so far ahead of it’s release date. It could happen, we are not writing off anything. On the other hand, it could be Kanye West’s new album name. Adding a “th” to the date hints us that it could also be a name, not a date! Or it could be nothing! If you know anything about this, leave a comment. I know everybody will appreciate that.

Speaking of the “All Day” track, we see another unique and a heavy beat from Kanye. The heart-thumping drums and simple, yet catchy beats have been a signature of Kanye’s music. The song speaks about the luxurious life lead by the singer?

Red leather jacket with the MJ zippers
Just a little sign from the pimps, aye ni**a
Got a middle finger longer than Dikembe, ni**a, uh
All day, ni**a
Ye in the buildin’ like a hallway, ni**a
Big in the game like an arcade, ni**a
I jump in the whip, Audi R8, ni**a
Still got the 100 with the small face, ni**a
Might spend 50 racks on my off day, ni**a


Do you think “All Day” is good material? Is it single-worthy? How excited are you for the upcoming Kanye album? Leave a comment.


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