Taylor Swift's '1989' Returns to No.1 and Sets A World Record!

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Returns to No.1 and Sets A World Record!

Taylor Swift just keeps on slaying the charts. This time Billboard 200 (albums) charts has welcomed Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album back to number one spot, after being down at the second spot for the past two weeks. So ‘1989’ basically just beat TWO BRAND NEW albums to reclaim it’s 10th nonconsecutive no. 1 spot on Billboard 200.

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Climbs Back On Top of Billboard 200 Chart

Since the release of the album back in October 2014, ‘1989’ has spent a total of 10 weeks (counting the week beginning from Feb 1, 2015) on Billboard 200 chart. It dropped one spot down (to no 2) on and off but managed to climb back to top spot everytime.

Early 2015 w predicted which new albums could potentially dethrone ‘1989’ from its Billboard reign. And predictions came true and Meghan Trainor‘s debut album ‘Title’ swooped to number 1 spot, pushing ‘1989’ to rank 2. And that only lasted for a week.

Fall Out Boy‘s highly anticipated album ‘American Beauty / American Psycho’ released the next week and pushed Meghan Trainor’s ‘Title’ album down–down to the third spot. So ‘1989’ was securely placed on the second spot. That was last week.

This week Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ is back to number one spot with sales over 101,000 albums last week.

Taylor Swift Enters Record Books with ‘1989’ on Billboard Charts

According to Billboard Taylor Swift is only the second woman in the history to have two albums each staying 10+ weeks at number one on Billboard 200.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ album stayed a total of 11 weeks on top of Billboard 200 and ‘1989’ is 10 weeks and counting.

Only woman in music to beat Taylor Swift on this record is the legendary Whitney Houston, who has 2 albums with 10+ weeks on top of the specific music chart. Seeing that Taylor Swift is just 25 years old and already conquering POP, I would bet she would be well past Whitney’s record in a few more years. Who does better music is a question for you fans to decide on.

Anyway, a huge congratulations to Taylor Swift for producing such a successful album, and may the success continue to grow.

Apparently this bit of information gave Taylor Swift the ‘biggest smile’ today morning.

Taylor Swift tweets about '1989' returning back to top of Billboard 200 chart
Taylor Swift tweets about ‘1989’ returning back to top of Billboard 200 chart

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