Kanye West trolls Beck

Kanye West Pulls Off an Epic Troll on ‘Album of The Year’ Winner Beck

Kanye West managed to own The 57th Grammy Awards! Kanye West did two amazing things that will make it into the history. Kanye West buried the hatchet with Taylor Swift and smiled, talked and even hugged. That was the highlight of the Grammy night. Next was Kanye West’s epic troll to the ‘Album of The Year’ winner Beck. Beck who? We don’t know anything about him either!

Remember the Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident at 2009 VMAs? Of course you do. Well, Kaye just tried to repeat it. But this time it wasn’t as serious like he did with Taylor Swift. This time Kanye West got on stage while Beck was holding his award. He went up there, looked at Beck as if he was going to say something and then Kanye shrugged him off as if he wasn’t worth his time and effort for even a diss!!! And then he walked off the stage, while Beck was left dumbfounded at what just happened. He will realize it was an epic burn later on. Watch the video below.

Kanye West Trolls Beck at 57th Grammy Awards


Beck’s face is quite epic. No disrespect to Beck, but you just got owned. But just shake it off, Beck. If Taylor Swift stood a far more embarrassment, you sure can live with this.

Jay Z and Beyonce looked mortified when they saw Kanye get on stage. They truly believed this was going to be a repeat of VMAs 2009. But they cracked up when they saw what Kanye ended up doing. Look at their reactions below.


Is this the best troll you have seen from a mainstream artist on a worldwide event like Grammys? You got to admire the guts of Kanye West to pull off a stunt like this. But the again, we feel for Beck. It must have been a huge moment for him. But Beck, now you are now part of the story. You won, congratulations!

4 thoughts on “Kanye West Pulls Off an Epic Troll on ‘Album of The Year’ Winner Beck

  1. Owned…what?? I seriously doubt that. Are we watching the same video? Beck even cracked a joke and invited him back onstage. Seemed to handle the moment just fine to me. Check out Kanye’s rant after the show with E. Still as disrespectful and ignorant as always. Guess Beck was worth the time after all lol. Sorry, you’re hateful comments really got to me and randy. Congrats to Beck. Not sure if he deserved winning for this album, but he definitely deserves recognition for all of his work.

    1. I have not made any hateful comments to Beck. I specifically mentioned that at the beginning of the article just to stop such comments. Count how many times we have congratulated him and appreciated his album in the other article. This article is about Kanye West. I’m sorry if this article made you angry. But we all know Kanye made a joke. Everybody laughed it out, and so did we in this article. If you can’t see that, I’m sorry, but you just don’t get the overall idea of this article. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Yes, I don’t know who Beck is. I’m pretty sure I could come with an artist you don’t know too. I believe it is impossible for a human to know all the musicians in the world. Thanks for the comment.

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