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2015 Grammys – Biggest Upset – Album of The Year Award

First of all, let us begin by firmly stating the fact that this article is in no way a dis or a disrespect towards the 2015 Grammys Album of The Year winner Beck Hansen. He won and we are happy for him and huge congratulations are in order for him. I’m sure he deserves a Grammy award for the album. So what is this article about? This article is about the ‘biggest upset’ at the Grammys. We won’t call it a wrong choice, but it certainly is an ‘upset’. An ‘upset’ is when something totally unexpected happens. So this is no way a dis towards Beck.

The biggest upset rises when it comes to the other artists or their albums that competed in the Album of The Year category at the 57th Grammy Awards. The nominees in this category were ‘Morning Phase’ by Beck, ‘Beyonce’ by Beyonce, ‘X’ by Ed Sheeran, ‘In The Lonely Hour’ by Sam Smith and ‘GIRL’ by Pharrell Williams. So the upset is, how did Beck manage to win 2015 Grammys Album of The Year award among these amazing albums. Among the world famous albums, how did Beck win with a relatively unknown album?

We are quite certain ‘Morning Phase’ is a great album. Being nominated to a Grammy proves that fact. But how popular is ‘Morning Phase’? The album was released in February 2014 and it is nowhere on the Billboard 200 (Yes, not within the full 200 albums). Of course Billboard charts aren’t a good measure of ‘good’ music. But we can say for a certain ‘Morning Phase’ did not catch on with the music world. We should know, we are always on alert about new music and best albums.

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#WhoIsBeck is trending worldwide as we speak. That is the level of popularity of the artist who won Album of The Year. Lets keep that aside. We mean no disrespect to Beck and his album (but Kanye West did manage to pull out an epic troll on Beck).

Ed Sheeran’s second studio album “X” was just heaven on Earth. It was a musical masterpiece. It had everything-from amazing vocals, beats, epic lyrics to epic singles and music videos. Beyonce’s surprise self titled album was a masterpiece. ‘In The Lonely Hour‘ by Sam Smith was out of this world, and ‘GIRL‘ by Pharrell Williams was OK. In my opinion, any of these albums would have been a ‘not upsetting’ win. If it was up to us, we would have probably gone with “X”.

‘Album of The Year’ has been awarded. Beck must be on cloud number nine and we are happy for him.

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Beyonce won, Pharrell Williams won and Sam Smith won (4 Grammy awards) tonight. Only one left home without an award is Ed Sheeran, in this category. And we do believe he deserved this award the most.

But let us know what you think? Beck is a 90s artist. His prime was when most of us were little kids, not listening to Alternative Rock. Are you familiar with Beck? If so do you think ‘Morning Phase’ genuinely beat all other albums in the category?

If you are still wondering who Beck is, read this Billboard article, I am going to read too. LOL

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