'love me like you do' and 's&m' mashup

This ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘S&M’ Mashup Will Stun You

We all know the breathtaking song ‘Love Me Like You Do‘ from the Fifty Shades of Grey motion picture soundtrack. Ellie Goulding does an amazing voice on the track to add that extra touch of sensuousness. ‘Love Me Like You Do’, despite hiding a teasing meaning behind the lyrics, has a very soothing rhythm to it. So what will happen if we decide to spice it up a notch? This is where MusicMash introduces Rihanna’s “S&M” in to the game. The result is an amazing ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘S&M’ mashup.

Katie Garfield and Eric Lumiere Brings ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘S&M’ Mashup

Two talented artists have got together to produce this amazing mashup cover of the two songs. Katie Garfield and Eric Lumiere along with producers Chris Lowe and Ian Hotchkiss (of MusicMash) have put together this amazing mashup. There are a lot of more interesting mashups on MusicMash’s YouTube profile. We highly recommend checking it out, as soon as you finish listening to this ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘S&M’ mashup below.

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The mashup track starts off with a deep and powerful rendition of ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and is shortly accompanied by Eric’s performance of ‘S&M’. The mashup goes on smoothly, with an amazing mixture of the two songs, and doesn’t even lose the emotional touch of the ‘Love Me Like You Do’. Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ has been mellowed down on this mashup, but is a surprisingly good match with its counterpart track. All-in-all it’s an amazing mashup. Towards the end of the track, the two voices switch songs and create a chaotic bliss inside our heads. Job well done, MusicMash and Katie and Eric.

We highly enjoyed this submission by MusicMash, and we hope all of you did too. If so, make sure to leave a comment about your opinion on this mashup. Also, make sure to buy the track on iTunes and Amazon and support the artists.

We are looking forward for more amazing mashups by these artists.

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