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Watch Full Music Video for “Someone New” by Hozier

As expected, the music video for “Someone New” by Hozier has dropped just a few hours ago. Hozier teased a 30-second trailer of the music video a couple of days ago, and we were so excited to see Game of Thrones hottie-Natalie Dormer in the music video. Now we have the full music video and it’s 4 minutes of gorgeous Natalie Dormer walking around in clubs and other places meeting ‘someone new’. In the meantime Hozier appears as to be performing the song in a club-like setting. We predicted that the two would meet, but we were so wrong.

Watch “Someone New” Music Video by Hozier with Natalie Dormer


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The music video seems to take us through a several ‘relationships’ the girl (Natalie Dormer) has had–in search of love, it seems. I think she is looking in the wrong places for ‘love’. Why would I say she is looking for love? Because towards 2:30 time stamp of the video, she looks at a couple in love with so much emotion. Looks like Natalie Dormer is pretty unlucky in love in “Someone New” music video as well as in Game of Thrones (LOL).

The song is absolutely brilliant coming out of Hozier, as usual. The voice and vocal ranges are just a heavenly treat to our ears. Thank you for your music.

Leave a comment if you enjoyed this latest music video by Hozier. Do you think Natalie Dormer was a good casting choice? We certainly think so.

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