hozier someone new music video natalie dormer

Hozier Teases “Someone New” Music Video with Natalie Dormer

Just moments ago, “Take Me To Church” maestro, Hozier teased us with a new music video coming soon. It’s the music video for “Someone New” song from his self-titled debut album. “Someone New” music video features Natalie Dormer–Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones (Yes, I’m a bit of a GOT fan). We have seen her beauty in Game of Thrones and now we get to see a more deeper side of her in the upcoming music video.

The 30-second teaser clips shows Natalie Dormer walking briskly through a crowded room–which very much seemed like a club. Hozier is seen playing the guitar, on a stage, in a dim light place, which is most likely the same club Natalie is walking around. The teased clip isn’t enough to predict anything, but we can clearly see them meeting up in the MV. But, I could be totally wrong. It’s not easy to figure out Hozier’s creativity.

Watch Teaser Clip for “Someone New” Music Video by Hozier


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Uploading the video on to his official Facebook page, Hozier captioned;

Fall in love with Someone New this Monday…

I don’t think he was trying to be subtle anyway, but it looks like the new music video will premiered on this Monday–March 3, 2015.

There’s no denying of the vocal talents of Hozier–it was pretty evident throughout his debut album. The touch of Natalie Dormer in the music video should spice it up just the right amount. We are excited for the music video, are you?

hozier someone new music video natalie dormer
Yup, Natalie Dormer is quite the hottie!!! [Source: GQ Magazine]

What do you make of Hozier’s “Someone New”? Would Natalie Dormer be a good fit to the song and the music video?

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