ne-yo releases shut up by ravaughn brown

Ne-Yo Leaks His Own Rendition of “Shut Up” by RaVaughn Brown

You probably have listened to “Shut Up For A Minute” by RaVaughn Brown released back in 2012, if not do check it out, it’s pretty good. What we didn’t know was that it was a song written by Ne-Yo. And another little known fact is that, Ne-Yo seems to ‘test’ out the songs he writes before handing them over to the artists. So somehow, “Shut Up” sung by Ne-Yo has surfaced the Internet. It’s pretty good. It has the classic Ne-Yo music, which will take you back to the 2000s.

Listen to “Shut Up” by Ne-Yo

What do you think?

The original version is performed by RaVaughn Brown featuring Ne-Yo as well. Listen to the original version below.

Lyrics to the song

Which was better? We would have to give a slight edge to the original version, merely because it has both RaVaughn and Ne-Yo on it. RaVaughn Brown has a beautiful voice. And Ne-Yo kills it, as per usual.

What do you think of the two versions? Leave a comment.

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