tech n9ne featured collaborations on special effects album

Tech N9ne Speaks About Featured Collaborations on ‘Special Effects’ Album

Yesterday, Tech N9ne sat down with HotNewHipHop crew to give an exclusive sneak peek behind the massive amount of collaborations or featured artists on the tracks on his upcoming album ‘Special Effects’.

‘Special Effects’ is a huge album, with 24 tracks on the standard edition and extra 2 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. And almost all of them (except for skits) are done in a collaboration with another big artist in the game.

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Tech N9ne talked about the many collaborations on his new album in the sit down with hnhh yesterday. Let us take you through them.

“Wither” featuring Corey Taylor of Slipknot

 We can expect more of a metal track from Tech N9ne with “Wither” as he says Slipknot is the best there is in metal genre. “Wither” is a track about his inner ‘good guy withering away‘. The track is supposed to express his feelings about everyone who makes him angry and makes his ‘angel subside’ and wither away. This is going to be a powerful track.

“Speedom” featuring Krizz Kaliko and Eminem

You can almost feel the enthusiasm in Tech N9ne’s tone when he announces his collaboration with “fu*king Marshall Mathers”. Tech N9ne has a smile across his face the whole time he talks about his collaboration with Eminem. He has wanted to work with him for a long time and “Speedom” is the final outcome of it all. Eminem ‘blessed’ Tech N9ne with a 24 bar verse when he only needed a 16 bar verse. “He felt it that much”. “Speedom” is a homage to Richie Havens (RIP). Richie Havens’ “Freedom” track is what inspired Tech N9ne to come up with “Speedom” as a tribute to the legend.

“It’s such a massive and beautiful song. So, it’s really personal to me because of Richie Havens..” – Tech N9ne on “Speedom”


Krizz Kaliko has the chorus on the track produced by Seven.

“Psycho Bitch III” featuring Hopsin

This is the third part of the ‘Psycho Bitch’ series and the last part. Tech N9ne wanted to give a proper ending to a series that has been huge. And to do that he needed a big artist, and he settled on Hopsin to do the honors. “He murdered it“.

“Roadkill” featuring Excision

 Tech N9ne hinted “Roadkill” to be an EDM track with Excision. “It’s fu*king massive”.

“Shroud” featuring Krizz Kaliko produced by Joseph Bishara

Joseph Bishara is a musical composer known for producing music on movies such as The Conjuring, Insidious and Annabelle. “We wanted to go toward the darkest individuals.” “Shroud” is rather a personal track for Tech N9ne as the track speaks about the ‘dark and shroud’ that took over him when Tech N9ne’s mother passed away (rest her soul). “Joseph Bishara helped me bring out that anger of me feeling like my mom was cheated her whole life, because she was sick her whole life.” We can expect a really creepy and dark song out of “Shroud”.


“Lacrimosa” means ‘weeping’ in latin and this track is all about how Tech N9ne felt about his mothers continuous suffering for years and years. “I said I don’t denounce God in any way. I just feel my mom’s suffering was too great for how much she worshiped, is what I said to God.” It’s not a sad track, according to Tech N9ne, but rather it’s a mad track.

These are the tracks Tech N9ne gave special mentions about. Besides these there are collaborations with T.I., 2 Chainz, E-40, Lil Wayne, Audio Push, Marcus Yates, Ryan Bradley, B.o.B., Yo Gotti, Kate Rose and a few more.

Undoubtedly ‘Special Effects’ by Tech N9ne is one of the most awaited albums on the horizon. “Speedom” is the most awaited Eminem collaboration of this season. Simply put, it’s going to be an epic album. Make sure you grab a copy of it.

Watch the full video below

Credits to HotNewHipHop for putting this together.

What are your thoughts on Tech N9ne and the upcoming album? Which collaboration are you excited for the most?

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