ed sheeran performs bloodstream at billboard music awards 2015

Amazing Performance of “Bloodstream” by Ed Sheeran at BBMA

Ed Sheeran is such a talented young artist that his live performances are as good as his album versions. He recently released the newest single/music video “Bloodstream” from ‘X’ album. And he performed the track live during Billboard Music Awards 2015.

Live and acoustic beginning of “Bloodstream” performance soon accelerated into something musically huge. The what’s-it-called device he used on the stage was used to perfection by the ginger. It can record one or several beats on it and can play it in loop. So Ed Sheeran sets the “Bloodstream” tune in it first and carries on with singing. During the song, he keeps on recording more musical pieces into the device, which ends up producing like 5-6 different beats and sounds which in harmony makes an amazing sound.

You will understand what I just said when you watch the video below.

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Bloodstream” Live at Billboard Music Awards 2015


The performance starts off slow and rises to an electrifying level and then slows down to a ballad-level before concluding the song. It was epic on all sorts of levels.

Towards the end, Ed Sheeran forgets what a guitar does. He uses it as a drum. And he taps the guitar in an electrifying speed to add yet another musical piece to “Bloodstream”.

Previously released “Bloodstream” single was done with Rudimental, who specializes in amazing music. It was good, this live performance was better.

What do you think? Did the world’s favorite ginger deliver yet again?

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