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Ed Sheeran Releases New Single “Bloodstream” with Rudimental

Ed Sheeran has collaborated with Rudimental band to completely redo the “Bloodstream” track from Ed Sheeeran’s latest “X” album. This is a whole other level of rework. Entirely different from the album version, with some epic music from Rudimental. Listen below.


Of course we prefer the original album version. But this is a really nice re-touch. Ed Sheeran shared this audio track on his Facebook page few minutes ago. He announced that this will be his latest single. So essentially this version of “Bloodstream” will be the official single rather than the album version. We aren’t complaining.

You can pre-order “Bloodstream” on iTunes and Amazon (This is the album version though, which was linked by Ed on the shared video’s description.)

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