t-pain laugh n dab music video review

T-Pain Hits Hard with “Laugh N Dab” Music Video (Review)

T-Pain is back from a hiatus and he is back with some fire. His latest release “Laugh N Dab” is kind of a response to his haters and competitors. Why? Because some of them thought T-Pain was resting his sword. But “Laugh N Dab” answers them as well as gives some fine life advice.

Watch the music video below.

“Laugh N Dab” Lyrics Review

“Why is you mad? Why is you pissed?
Is it cause you living like that?
Is it cause I’m living like this?
Is it cause I’ve been on my job
Is it cause you ain’t doin’ shit?
Is it cause I walk out the jewelry store with this ridiculous shit on my wrist
I got no time to be takin’ my eye off the ball
You said you wasn’t mad but it look like you is after all
Holla at me later, put that shit on my tab
Oh, now you a hater? I just sit back and laugh…”

Basically, what T-Pain is trying to say is that you got to earn your living. He is not walking out of the jewelry store after robbing it-because he wouldn’t have time to wear the ridiculous jewelry, he’d be running.

Don’t take the eye off the ball-not in sports-but in life as well. Make a target and work yourself day and night towards the goal. The life is too short to be waiting for stuff to fall on to your lap.

When you have stuff, you will have many ‘friends’.

“Laugh and dab, laugh and dab
Put my niggas on, they got Caddilacs
When your money strong, they get mad at that
When that money gone, they wish they can have it back
So dab and laugh..”

The basic mechanism of a capitalistic and mesogenistic world is expressed in hip hop terms in this new single by T-Pain. You either love it or hate it. Comment below which side you’re on.

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