justin timberlake and timbaland battle of the sexxxes single lyrics review

Justin Timberlake – Battle of The Sexxxes (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Can’t Stop The Feeling” isn’t even out of the charts yet, and Justin Timberlake dusts off a 2004 track and releases it today (or has it leaked? No time to bother about that). After “Carry Out” sensation back in 2009, this is the first time we hear of a collaboration of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. And “Battle of The Sexxxes” is GOOD!

There’s not even an artwork for “Battle of The Sexxxes”-maybe because it was a leak? Or maybe an artwork is not needed for such a hot track. Makes us wonder why this track was not released on any album for over a decade. “Battle of The Sexxxes” will definitely take over “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

Listen to “Battle of The Sexxxes” by Justin Timberlake Produced by Timbaland

The heavy-hitting beats are classic Timbaland style. The lyrics are fiery hot too. The song could be an address to a lover or a rival in the music game. What Timbaland says at the beginning of the song makes us think:

Don’t hurt her Justin
That was the past baby
Put it all behind you home boy

It could be a blatant address to a girl, or a plea for JT not to hurt his rivals. Whichever this could mean, the song gets quite erotic as it unveils.

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Let me talk to you
Let me, let me talk to you
I just, I just wanna talk to you
Let me, let me, let me talk to you
I just wanna talk to you
Is it alright it if I talk to you
Just listen..

Classic Justin Timberlake delivers some enchanting vocals fixating our attention to the song.

Baby girl, don’t be afraid
I know you remember me, I’m your boy from back in the day
I heard you singin’ you’re back, and your mind seems right
And I can’t even lie to you, your body still drives me wild

Ok, these lines most definitely does not mean about a musical rivalry. These lyrics are more suited for the explicit theme of “Battle of the Sexxxes.”

So don’t be afraid to get nasty
Don’t be afraid to get wild
Just point to your spot and ask me
I’ll make it worth your while-//

JT is calling his lover to let go o all inhibitions and get it on with him. Turn on your freak mode. If this is about a rivalry, I would say Justin is speaking about himself-about crushing the rivalry if gets pretty nasty and wild.

The chorus of “Battle of the Sexxxes” goes something like;

Explore explicit
Lets express reflexes
Exploit your pleasure
It’s the battle of the sexes

The chorus sounds like a pure tantric sex session, and Justin Timberlake’s voice can give you eargasms at this point.

‘Battle of the sexes’ is defined as a conflict over gender roles. But in the context of the song, it sounds like Justin was shooting for a sexual reference.

The second verse of the song is really what made us wonder if “Battle of the Sexxxes” speaks about some rivalry.

Battle of the Sexxxes lyrics review song meaning
Hoping “Battle of the Sexxxes” get a music video too.

Baby boy, I know you want my love
Already gave you a hit so you know that it’s like a drug
You remember my flavor, you still know my taste
I still got it, baby, it’d be a shame if it went to waste

Sounds to me like a great collaboration gone wrong. ‘A hit’ could possibly mean a chart topping song? Yes, it’s like a drug to be on top of a chart like Billboard Hot 100. It’s more addictive than a drug. The partner in this hit song could be gloating that it’s all his work that lead to the success of the song, so Justin is reminding him who made the song and who still has got it. He also implies that the partner on the collaboration has lost ‘it’ and it’s a shame.

The final 40 seconds or so of “Battle of the Sexxxes” is dedicated to a showcase of Timbaland’s musical skills-which is pretty flawless in here. It’s uncanny how the music resembles “Carry Out” by the duo.

I’m not sure if this track will be released as a single, or JT’s is trying to stir things up for a new album release-which is quite overdue too.

The lyrics I have gathered here could be wrong (hey, I’m human too). If you have correct lyrics to “Battle of The Sexxxes” do comment below and we will add it to the post to make it better.

If you have different views on the meaning of the song, please do comment below. We will make this a discussion.

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