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Britney Spears’ New Single “Clumsy” Has Arrived

Britney Spears is gearing up to release her upcoming and one of the most awaited albums of the summer ‘Glory’. The first taste of Glory was given to us by the first single “Make Me” and it received a lot of positive reviews. It was the perfect amount of hotness and Pop for Spears fans.

Some sources revealed that the second single off the album is titled “Clumsy” and will be releasing soon. This may not be an official release, but the “Clumsy” single can be listened to here.

Listen to “Clumsy” by Britney Spears

But I love how you go down
Head first and slide it out
Again and again…
Keep on bumping into you
Bangin’ all over this bedroom
Again and again…

Call me a fool, call me insane
But don’t call it a day
Closer to you, closer to pain
It’s better than far away (ooh…)

The new track is classic Britney Spears. The music, the lyrics and her voice has changed very little from her chart topping days.

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Other tracks released from ‘Glory’ includes “Private Show” which was better received by the fans around the world.

“Clumsy” speaks about a girl who is high on love and she is clumsy in her behaviour, intoxicated by her lover. The track has a nice beat to it, but includes a lot of electronically enhanced vocals. It’s even hard to recognize Britney’s natural voice.

Anyway, we are glad that more Britney music is coming towards our way. She has been MIA for too long. Let us know if you are excited for the upcoming album.

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