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Listen to “Come Up For Air” by Skylar Grey Prod. by Eminem (Lyrics Review)

Skylar Grey’s new album ‘Natural Causes’ is due in a few weeks and we have been blessed with a new single from the album. The title of the new song is “Come Up For Air” and sources mention that the song is produced by none other than Eminem himself.

Marshall Mathers may have been out of the whole music releasing scene for a while, but he has barely distanced himself from the game. Just last week, Eminem performed at a Drake concert, disproving all the buzz about a feud between the two artists.

“Come Up For Air” has been produced by Eminem. More exciting news as Skylar Grey confirms that there will be another Eminem-produced track on her album AND a track which features Eminem.

Album cover for 'Natural Causes' by Skylar Grey
Album cover for ‘Natural Causes’ by Skylar Grey

Listen to “Come Up For Air” by Skylar Grey

“Come Up For Air” takes a different tune to what we are used to from Skylar Grey. The song takes a slow-flow and a moody tune.

Verse 1

I’m no good for you
I’m not what you need
You’ve made it very clear
Though I disagree

Post-breakup sadness has shrouded this song and Skylar Grey’s voice can work wonders in this theme.

Pre-chorus of “Come Up For Air” is simple and powerful;

And love could let you go
Let you drift away
Cause once you navigate these troubled waters
Never leave it someday, you’ll return

You have been with someone through thick and thin, and once you’re in the calm waters, it can continue or can be rough again. But you never leave their side.


And I’ll still be here
When you come up for air
Do you what you gotta do
I’ll wait for you, to come for air

The singer imagines the other partner sunk in the water after the breakup. She believes he has drowned himself after the breakup and she expects him to come up to breathe again. Then she will be waiting for him on the bank to help him. She asks him to do what you have to do to realize that what you had before was what he always wanted. So she patiently awaits until his return. Pretty nice metaphor Skylar Grey has used here-come up for air!

Verse 2 of “Come Up For Air”

Cruisin’ this whole wide world
There’s no one else for me
So while you search the seas for answers
I will still be waiting here

The singer has roamed the four corners of the world and has not found someone like him. She is her soulmate and she is not ready to give up on him just yet. The singer says the guy is searching the seas (could mean countries around the world or just a metaphor for a useless activity) looking for a replacement. But she will be waiting for his definite return.

Pre-chorus of the song here takes a different lyrical avenue;

Make sure you dive down deep
Because if you do
Even though it takes a thousand lifetimes
My love, I know you’re finally gonna see the truth, and you’ll return

The singer asks her ex to search deep and hard because she knows he will not find anybody like her ever. It might take a long time to realize that, but she is confident that he will understand that truth in the end, and he will return to her.


And even if this really is the end
I’m sure I’ll be alone until I’m dead
Cause no one else will ever come prepared
To them it wouldn’t be fair

To let you with somebody new
And all I did was think of you
If you’re my Jack then I’m your Rose
And I promise I’ll never ever let go

Bridge of “Come Up For Air” sets the pace for the end of the song. The singer is confident that he will return to her arms, but, but there’s always the chance that he won’t. So she imagines the worst-if he does not return, she will be alone forever because she won’t be able to love anyone else. That, indeed, would not be fair to them.

Skylar Grey brings in a little Titanic gesture into “Come Up For Air” which makes perfect sense. She call herself Rose and him Jack, the two icons from the movie. At the end of the crash, Jack lets go of the platform he hangs on to, on which Rose lays. Jack drowns into the water-much like what is described in this song. The only exception is Jack never comes up for air.

We believe this is some good lyrical work from Skylar Grey and the music just fits the theme of the song. Eminem has outdone himself on this track.

There is news that Eminem has written a verse on “Come Up For Air” but we are not certain of which.

If you have your own views of the song, make sure to comment them below.

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